Attar Hotel

Attar Hotel

If you want to have a memorable stay in the beautiful city of Isfahan and record different and memorable moments in your mind, we suggest you to count on Isfahan Attar Hotel rooms.

Attar Traditional Hotel with its wonderfully beautiful architecture is one of the best options for having a memorable stay in Isfahan. The architecture of Attar Hotel will attract the eyes of every traveler or tourist who decides to stay at this hotel. Realizing the fact that Attar Hotel is a traditional hotel, but consisting 10 Double and 4-bed suites along with updated equipment and facilities, it also inspires you to feel modern. The traditional Attar Hotel, which is a five-star hotel, is suitable for fastidious people, because Luxury Suites of Attar Hotel would steel every traveler’s heart with their own beauty. So that when you enter the hotel, you will be surprised by its historical and traditional architecture and its combination with modern possibilities; The Stucco art, mirrors and valuable paintings designed by the famous masters of Isfahan, enhance the beauty of Isfahan Attar Hotel.

This hotel is in Isfahan, located in the historical and famous district, Seyed Isfahan, is not only a traditional inn, but with its various amenities such as pool, sauna and Turkish bath offers everything that is expected from a five-star hotel.

If you desire a delicious meal or a great tea or coffee, please visit the coffee shop and restaurant at the Attar Hotel and enjoy its unique facilities. Stay at the Attar hotel will definitely make a memorable trip for you.

The beautiful picturesque facing of Attar Hotel is so spectacular that it makes every spectator excited. By booking this five-star hotel you can stay in luxury rooms with traditional decorations. This hotel is one of the most popular hotels in Isfahan and is currently ready to reception. It may interest you that the hotel’s magnificent resort is a traditional building in the middle of an old neighborhood called Seyed Isfahan. When you enter the hotel, you will find a magnificent architecture that shows the art and culture of people of this region, and reminds the art of Isfahan people to any tourism and its beautiful decorations attracts every spectator.

The other advantage of Isfahan Attar Hotel is the Gym complex. Besides this recreational facility, you can create a memorable day for yourself and your companions by using the restaurant and coffee shop of the Attar Hotel. To reach the hotel in a short time, we suggest you this way: 19th Alley, Seyyed Mosque Street, Isfahan Mosque. By staying in this hotel you can easily visit the historical monuments of Isfahan. You can request services reservation from a reputable website to have a memorable stay.