Bandar Abbas

Bandar Abbas

Bandar Abbas in southern of Iran is among the most hospitable cities in Hormozgan province. It is the provincial capital of Hormozgan. Extensive tourism capacity in historical, natural and recreational areas makes the city one of the busiest tourist cities in Iran. Other attractions of this port include major commercial centers and unique local foods.

Bandar Abbas has a special geographical position, and it is adjacent to the open waters and the communication route of the Persian Gulf countries, which adds to the importance of the city.

About Bandar Abbas

Bandar Abbas is the provincial capital of Hormozgan and is the second largest city in southern Iran. Shahid Rajaee port, Shahid Bahonar port and numerous large industrial factories in Bandar Abbas have made the city the commercial and industrial hub of the south of the country. The special geographical location of Bandar Abbas brings many tourists to this city throughout the year.

Bandar Abbas is located in the southern part of Hormozgan province and reaches the mountainous regions from the north and the Persian Gulf from the south. In the past, Bandar Abbas was called “Gombron Port”. Gombron has Zoroastrian roots and indicates the age of the port during the presence of the Zoroastrians until before the Arab conquest. After the Arab conquest, Bandar Abbas was occupied by the Portuguese forces. In 1622, in the region of Shah Abbas Safavi, the Iranian army under the command of Imam Quli Khan drove the Portuguese from southern Iran and since then, the Gombron Port has been renamed to Bandar Abbas.

Bandar Abbas people are natives and immigrants. Due to the proximity of Bandar Abbas to Arab-speaking towns on the border and also high trade relations with Arab countries and India, many immigrants have come to Bandar Abbas over time. The people of Bandar Abbas speak Persian with Bandari dialect, and they are Shi’a and Sunni Muslims.

Why travel to Bandar Abbas?

Bandar Abbas is among the best coast cities in Iran to spend the holidays. The city’s prominent tourism capacity and appropriate infrastructure have made the tourism industry flourish in this city. Bandar Abbas attractions are very diverse. Various historical periods have left many monuments and relics. The museums of Bandar Abbas are the best places to learn more about the history of this city.

Historical mosques and pilgrimage sites are also found in different parts of Bandar Abbas. On the other hand, its special geographical location along the mountain and sea, has created prominent natural attractions such as hot springs.

In recent years, recreational areas and coastal parks have been established with suitable facilities in Bandar Abbas for the use of travelers and city people. Coastal parks provide separate swimming areas for men and women.

One of the most important reasons for the annual presence of travelers in Bandar Abbas is the flourishing market and business centers in the city. Ports and commercial docks in Bandar Abbas have created an economic boom. Bandar Abbas’s access to the Persian Gulf and the prominent islands of Iran in these waters such as Qeshm and Hormoz Islands, are other reasons for tourists to visit this city.

The best time to travel to Bandar Abbas

It is from mid-autumn to late March. Also in early spring and Nowruz holidays, the city receives many tourists; although it starts to get hot in the spring. In the autumn, winter and Nowruz holidays, Bandar Abbas experiences a busy season of tourism. Due to the congestion during Nowruz holidays, the costs of accommodation and transportation will be increased in this city, so if you do not have limits on traveling during the cold season, you would better travel to the city at this time. In winter, temperatures in Bandar Abbas range between 12 to 23 °C above zero, which is the spring weather.