Bandar Anzali: Unveiling the Rich History and Coastal Charms

Bandar Anzali or Anzali port is one of the important cities of Gilan province. This port, which was formerly called Pahlavi Port, is now considered a free zone and Anzali Wetland is a valuable part of the environment of this area.

Many travelers from Iran and abroad travel to Anzali and enjoy its beautiful nature and beach. Anzali has many hotels and restaurants that you can go to.

Sights of Bandar Anzali

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Anzali beach boulevard is very spectacular and you will not get tired of walking on it. There is a possibility of swimming, boating and fishing in the sea.

Sarkhankal wetland is a part of the wetland complex. Anzali coastal village and breakwater are other recreational destinations and places of interest in Anzali port.

The clock tower or minaret is a beautiful old lighthouse. Old bridges such as Anzali Bridge and Ghazian Bridge, Polish Cemetery, Anzali Hafeziye and Cheshme Noo palace which has been turned into a military museum palace, are among the historical and architectural sights of Anzali Port.

Anzali Shopping Centers

One of the nicest places of any city is its traditional market. If you are a traveler in Anzali, you need to visit Saturday Bazaar. Where fresh fish and vegetables are sold. Anzali fish market is a paradise for seafood lovers.

Do not forget that you are in Anzali free zone and you can buy clothes, bags, shoes, cosmetics and small items at a more reasonable price. Caspian Bazaar, Campus Bazaar, Gilar Bazaar, North Star Commercial Complex, Venus Commercial Complex and Memory Shopping Center are attractive places for lovers of shopping and sightseeing.

Sepah Street has long been a hangout for Anzali residents; Even now, visiting its colorful boutiques is not without fun. You will find the old Golestan confectionery on Sepah Street.

If you travel by car, do not forget that the beach bazaar is located on the road from Anzali to Rezvanshahr and Kapoorchal or Dushanbe Bazaar is located 21 km from Anzali and next to the Anzali asphalt road to Astara.

Do not miss the charm of stores that sell wicker products and wooden items. On the beach you will find many shops that sell swimming equipment and sand toys.

Anzali Souvenir

Buy delicious souvenirs and handicrafts from Anzali. Fresh fish, olives, garlic, pickles, jams such as citron and raspberry jam, local vegetables, and noodles are some of Anzali’s delicacies.

You can get Khoshkar noodles from Sepah Street at any time of the year. In addition, it is not possible to go to Anzali and go to the bazaar on Saturday and do not buy local fish and vegetables.

You will find many shops in Anzali that sell a variety of wicker products such as baskets, joinery, handicrafts and wooden utensils and dishes.

Bandar Anzali Restaurants

Anzali has a lot of a good and high quality restaurants. The closer the restaurants are to the Saturday bazaar, the fresher the food, especially the fish. If you want good food, we suggest Dariush Grilled Plate on Saturday Bazaar, which will serve you delicious and fragrant food.

You can also have breakfast in the hotels. But if you are looking for a homemade meal and a traditional breakfast, Uncle Bayram’s breakfast on Gomrok Street is a good option. Khan Khan Restaurant serves breakfast in addition to other meals.

Daryakadeh, Kababi Saeed, Kouchakpour restaurant and Haj Baba restaurant are some of the good restaurants in Anzali. Ti Nan T Kabab, Parsi Restaurant, Uncle Ismail Restaurant, Kababi Doostan, Haj Morteza Restaurant, Fishery Restaurant and Sugoli Restaurant can be your other choices for eating in Bandar Anzali restaurants.

Customers usually leave Hirad café and Akbar Jojeh satisfied. Kentucky Atrin chicken and Kakule pizza are also good options for fast food.