Beryani is one of the most famous local foods of Isfahan. All tourists get prepared to taste this delicious food before entering the city, as there are few tourists who go to Isfahan and do not try Beryani.

It contains meat, onions, dry mint, Kashk, cinnamon, oil and saffron and is served with Sangak bread, cold dough and basil.

Beriany is one of the most famous foods in Iran, and it’s also famous in other countries. This dish is from Isfahan and is the most famous Isfahan’s traditional food.

The fact that Beriany is the only traditional dish in Isfahan which has different cooking and selling place from other foods, conveys how magnitude this food is to Isfahan’s people. Only original Isfahan people know that this meal is actually named Berian, and others mistakenly call it Beryani. In grammar, the word Biryani is a relative adjective and in Isfahan Beryani, is called to a place that cooks and sales Beryan; and the suffix “-i” is being used as an adjective; So the name of the food is Beryan, not Beryani.

In all parts of the world, different kinds of food are mentioned as Beryan and most of them are combinations such as Rice Beryan, Goose Beryan and Flying birds Beryan. These combinations also can be found in ancient Iranian food treatises. Today in many parts of the world, foods called “Beryani” are totally different from Isfahan’s Beryani. There are foods like Indian Biryani, Burmese Biryani, Bangladeshi homemade Biryani, Sri Lankan Biryani, and Iraqi Biryani.

What is evident in literary and historical texts is that Isfahan’s Beryan is not any of these foods and is something special which cannot be more than four hundred year dates. So neither those who write Beryan dates to Zoroaster days have a precise witness to prove it, nor those who say its age is less than 180 years before the completion of the Qajar, they are not aware of Safavid texts about this food.

This dish which is well-known among Isfahan people and tourists, is a fat delicious lunch and is made with lamb. The meat is undercooked with bone, onion and salt and a little spice such as turmeric in the water, then the bones are separated and the meat is minced with its fat. Then they are cooked in small volumes with cinnamon and dried mint, on broad copper skimmers on fire, under a special copper tray on the oven. Then served with walnut or almond slice, on a bread oiled with broth. Designed with some beef lung, cooked minced lamb tail fat. Super delicious and delectable. It will be more pleasant with Sangak or homemade bread.

However, Beryani is considered as a heavy meal, especially since some add extra broth and bread (Tilit), basil, onion, Kashk and Doogh. All of these are very popular in Isfahan. Anyway, when we know that the cooking method in not so much time has differs a lot and also we are aware of that frying reduces the nutritional value, maybe we would prefer a low fat Beryani so we can enjoy it with more pleasure.