Dariush Grand Hotel Kish

If you’re visiting the beautiful Kish Island, Dariush Grand Hotel could be one of your best choices.

Dariush Five-star Hotel was built in 2001 with the investment of Hossein Sabet

and the inspiration of the ancient Iranian architecture and the most prominent,

Persepolis, on the beautiful Kish Island.

The beautiful, proud architecture of the five-star hotel takes you to the Achaemenid

 and ancient Iran and changes your mood.

Dariush Grand Hotel is constructed in 121330 m2 area in the northeast of Kish Island,

near the east coast.

Its unique, modern sports, and recreational areas catches every eye.

Dariush five-star hotel is inspired by ancient Iranian and Persepolis architecture,

located on the northeast of the island.

This hotel itself is one of the tourist attractions of Kish Island.

Other places in Kish are also easily accessible.

This hotel is one of the most modern and well-equipped hotels in Kish.

The hotel’s beautiful landscape is another benefit.

The shores of the Persian Gulf can be easily seen from inside this hotel.

Staying at this hotel can also make a memorable and different memory for guests.

Dariush Grand Hotel has a variety of amenities and recreational facilities that

provide a pleasant time for the guests.

Dariush Grand Hotel Rooms

You can see the eye-catching architecture of Persepolis at Dariush Five-Star Hotel;

a hotel which provides you with a great variety of room options.

If you wish to enjoy the beautiful view of sunrise and blue waters of the Persian Gulf

during your stay at Dariush five-star hotel,

Double Rooms, Twin Rooms or Royal Suites with ocean view would be your choice.

The rooms and suites with garden view are also for those enthusiasts who prefer a greener view.

Dariush Five -Star Hotel Amenities

Dariush Grand Hotel, one of the best and most luxurious hotels in Kish and even in Iran,

has five-star criteria.

This includes tennis court, gym, billiard hall, Thai massage, outdoor swimming pool,

cycling, boat ridding, ping pong, private diving,

and paintball, which provides guests a different accommodation.

If food is one of your criteria for choosing a hotel,

Dariush Grand Hotel with Apadana and Pasargad restaurants will meet your expectations.

In these restaurants, different types of Iranian, foreign,

seafood, and fastfood dishes are served.

In Dariush Five-Star Hotel, You Can Access Everywhere!

If you like shopping and walking in various malls in the Kish Island,

then Dariush Grand Hotel is a good choice for you.

This hotel is close to Pardis, Marjan and Zeytoon Malls and you can easily choose each of them.

A special feature of Dariush five-star hotel is its placement on the cycling path.

You can easily receive a bicycle from behind the hotel’s main building and join

the bike path and enjoy the seawater and the beautiful view of the Persian Gulf.

The beautiful Dariush Kish Hotel also provides tourist tours to visit birds park,

dolphin park, pleasure craft, concerts, around tours of the island, and shows

How Far Is Dariush Grand Hotel from The Beach?

Dariush Grand Hotel is very close to the beach due to its location on the east shore of Kish Island.

It is 5 minutes to Dariush Hotel’s beach; which is a perfect choice

for people who are interested in morning walking on the beach

and gathering nights on the sand.