Fahadan Museum Hotel

The Fahadan Museum Hotel in Yazd is a historic building in the Fahadan neighborhood, nestled in the city’s heart. This structure, which dates back approximately 250 years, originally belonged to a merchant from Tehran. It was converted into a hotel in 2005 and now features 28 rooms across two floors, offering excellent hospitality to travelers and tourists.

The Fahadan Museum Hotel consists of three historic sections: Sardab (the cellar), Chah Khaneh (the well house), and the Narenjestan (the orangery courtyard). The central courtyard and the Narenjestan are particularly unique features of the hotel, housing a restaurant and a café. One of the hotel’s significant advantages is its proximity to the city’s main attractions and tourist sites. The friendly and welcoming staff at the Fahadan Museum Hotel strive to ensure a memorable stay for their guests. The hotel is conveniently located 15 kilometers from the airport, 8 kilometers from the train station, and 18 kilometers from the bus terminal.

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