Ghormeh Beh (Quince Stew)

Ghormeh Beh (Quince Stew)
One of Iran’s resort towns with numerous natural and cultural attractions is Shiraz. Shiraz has always been a resort town for many domestic and foreign tourists. Among the attractions, local food and snacks cannot be missed. Ghormeh Beh Stew, also known as Ghormeh Stew is one of traditional dishes of Shiraz. Ghormeh Beh Stew is one of the most delicious foods of this region. In November as it is quince harvesting season, housewife ladies start cooking this tasty dish with fresh fruit. Ghormeh means meat in this stew.

It is very easy to prepare, and so delicious. Quince is also known as golden apple and it is useful for many illnesses. Anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic, and potent antioxidant properties are some of its numerous properties. You can have this delicious Shirazi dish for a change. It is interesting to know that people in Shiraz due to their tastes, prefer sweet meals. We will explain the recipe of this unique and delicious food so you can cook it at home and enjoy the great taste and scent.

Step 1

To have Shirazi Ghormeh Beh Stew, first soak the split pea for at least 4 hours before cooking and if possible, change its water two or three times; so the gas is reduced ; plus, it will cook faster.

Step 2

In this stage, dice the onion and heat it with some oil in the pot you are going to cook the stew in.

Step 3

Now add beef and heat till its color changes, then add some black pepper and turmeric and stir to mix them evenly. Add 4 glasses of boiling water to the pot.

Step 4

At this point, put the lid and let the meat cook over medium heat. After the water gets half, rinse the split pea and add it to the pot and let it undercook.

Step 5

After 30 minutes, cut the quince as you like and add it to the pot with sugar and saffron. Put the lid back and let the stew cook well over medium heat.

Step 6

If the stew is dry, just add some boiling water to avoid bad taste. In the last 10 minutes, add a little salt and lemon juice. At the end serve stew with saffron rice.

If you are wondering whether peel the quince or not, you should know that there is no need to peel and you can add it unpeeled.

*If you wish, you can also add 1 tablespoons tomato paste to the stew.
*Add lemon juice at the end of cooking so that your stew does not get any bad color.
*In this recipe with chicken or beef, you can use honey instead of sugar.
*If you wish, you can serve the stew with bread instead of rice.