Gilan Heyran Pass


HeyranPass is in the middle of the road from Astara to Ardabil. On one side it is surrounded by

the forest and on the other side by a rather deep valley; Hence, it has a particular geographic location. The Aras River also flows through the valley beside it, and is the border between Iran and Azerbaijan.

It is interesting to know that the three villages of Vanebin, Haji Amir Bala, and Haji Amir Paein, which are located around the Heyran Pass, have great political and geographical security importance.

When you enter the route of the Heyran Pass, tunnels of cloud and mist will capture your attention. Domestic animals at the side of the road also make a great impression.

Because of the pass’s location, most people who live there do farming and livestock. However, the presence of attractive sceneries and the expansion of tourist spaces as well as the arrival of domestic investors offer a brighter future for the region.

Driving at HeyranPass


Though the HeyranPass has many beautiful views; But every year there are several reports of traffic accidents which is sad. Because the road is covered in clouds and fog for most of the seasons, and
also known for its first snowfall in Gilan province, it is always known for its slippery road and dangerous turns, which leads to road accidents; These accidents often involve large numbers of life and financial losses. Therefore, drive carefully when you travel to this area, and enjoy the trip while following traffic rules.

In fact, you can enjoy driving at HeyranPass if first, you take care of your vehicle health and then be proficient in driving. We advise you not to take this beautiful but dangerous pass without driving skills.

Heyran Pass in winter


Excursion this pass in winter is as fascinating as in summer and spring. However, do not forget that Heyran Pass becomes white with the first winter snow, and it can have a direct effect on the rise in the number of accidents; but snowy trees and the presence in the mountain would certainly give peace to
the soul of man.

Heyran Pass Gondola Lift


Heyran Pass and its area is so beautiful and attracts everyone’s attention. Due to its location and mountain range, the existence of a Gondola Lift seemed essential for tourism development and so it realized in 2011.Heyran Pass Gondola Lift can be described as one of the most successful tourist projects. According to available information, all cabins and equipment related to the launching were purchased from Austria and is considered among the safest ones.

Path to the Heyran Pass

Heyran Pass path is one of the most attractive paths in Iran. A winding path through the Caspian Hyrcanian mixed forests of the north of the country, and the greenery is eye-catching to anyone. Along the Heyran Pass, locals are selling crops and local products such as honey.

Passing through the Hyrcanian forest and looking down the valley of Heyran Pass, which Iran-Azerbaijan border river is there, has its own charm. Be sure that you will enjoy the path of Heyran Pass.