Gliani Aush-e Torsh (Sour Aush)

Gliani Aush-e Torsh (Sour Aush)

Aush-e Torsh or (Torshe Aush) is one of the original old aushs of Gilan province, prepared for pregnant woman cravings in the spring when spring herbs grew. Gilani Aush-e Torsh has a lot of fans and is very light and healthy. This dish is served with garden radish, salted fish, and Sabzi khordan (herbs). Aush Torsh is one of those delicious dished that is cooked in many provinces of Iran.

Gilan has a long list of special dishes due to having fish, olives and local herbs. Some of the most important local dishes of Gilan are Mirza Ghassemi, Baghali Ghatogh, Torshe Tareh, Kal Kabab, Morgh-e-Lako, Vavishka, Torsh Shami, Shesh Andaz, Sirabij, and eggplant-yogurt spread (Borani-e Bademjan).

As well as the northern provinces, this aush is also cooked in Tabriz, Hamedan, Ardabil and Zanjan with a slight change in the recipe. The common point of all these recipes is the sourness which makes a delicious mixture.

Ingredients for a Delicious Contestant Northern Aush Torsh, Step by Step

Medium grain rice 2 cups

Aush herbs 500 g

Fava beans 500 g

Cherry plum 500 g

Fried garlic as needed

Fried onion as needed

Fried dried mint as needed

Salt and pepper as needed

Verjuice (for seasoning, can change according to your taste.)

Recipe of a Tasty Fancy Aush-e Torsh

Step 1

To have a delicious Aush-e Torsh, first, wash and chop the herbs. Preferably chop all the herbs together finely. It is better to have a little more of beetroot leaves, because it makes the soup glaze. The herbs do not have to be chopped too finely. Then wash the rice and put it in a suitable pot along with the fava beans and aush herbs. Then add twice as much boiled water as the ingredients, let the rice and fava beans totally cook and the grains get mushy.

Step 2

Adding Seasoning

After the rice and fava beans are cooked, add half of the fried garlic, fried onion and fried dried mint to the aush along with cherry plum and let it thicken on gentle heat. Note that if the heat is too much, it will burn or the water will evaporate quickly and you will have to add water. It is better to taste a little of the aush; if the sourness is little, you can add a little verjuice.

Step 3

Serving Aush-e Torsh

When all the ingredients are cooked and the rice has make it thick and contestant, add salt and pepper. Now you can use garlic and roasted dried herbs to decorate the dish and enjoy it with salted fish and garden radish.

Key Tips for Preparing Gilani Aush-e Torsh

Important tricks and techniques of preparing Gilani Aush-e Torsh with Rice and Beet Leaves. This aush’s herbs are a combination of pennyroyal and chopped beet leaves. If it is not available, use mint, coriander and beetroot leaves.

If it is not cherry plum or red plum season, use plum paste or pomegranate paste and add to the dish as your taste.

Pay attention to the amount of water during cooking so that the rice starch does not cause your aush to burn.

Rinse the rice once if you don’t want to have a salty aush.

If you add salt initially, the fava beans will not cook well.

Gilani dishes without a doubt have some properties. Aush-e Torsh is a suitable food for treating rheumatism, strengthening  liver, back pain, leg pain, and rich in vitamins B, A, C, and K.