Heyran Telecabin

Heyran Telecabin

Heyran Pass is located between Astara and Ardabil access road; a pass surrounded by forest on one side and overlooks a relatively deep valley on the other side; thus, it has a special geographical location. Aras River also passes through the adjacent valley and is considered the border between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Azerbaijan. Once you enter Heyran Pass road, tunnels of clouds and fog will attract your attention. Also, domestic animals on the side of the road and the greenery of the path can give you a very good feeling. The geographical location of Heyran Pass has made the occupation of most of the people living there to be agriculture and animal husbandry.

Heyran Tourism Village; Jewel of Gilan

Heyran Tourism Village started its activity in 2011. This tourist village was opened in Heyran region, between Ardabil and Gilan road, it has a beautiful pristine landscape, in addition to lots of welfare, recreation and accommodation amenities such as karting, cable cars, various restaurants, coffee shops, hotel, etc. Heyran Tourism Village is always trying to improve services and facilities in order to increase the comfort and well-being of visitors and does its best so that you can experience the best moments during your stay in Heyran Tourism Village.

A Journey Through the Clouds by Heyran Cable Cars!

Heyran cable cars simply pass you through the clouds in the sky! One of the attractions located in Gilan province, having its own fans is Heyran cable car.

Telling you can get on the cable car and have a trip directly between the clouds, don’t think that this is just a very beautiful emotional metaphor to describe this attraction, it is an amazing fact.

It takes you 25 minutes for a round trip with the cable car, 12.5 minutes to tram up and another 12.5 minutes to tram down and return to the first station.

When Is the Best Time to Go to Heyran Telecabin?

If you are the type of person who always feels hot, be sure to visit this cable car in the hot season of the year, summer, and enjoy the chill. The cable car region is always cold due to its height and geographical location.

When the authorities of Gilan province decided to build such a device in this multi-purpose area at this height, their exact goal was to create a very popular and perfect attraction to bring prosperity and more tourists to this region, and they have succeeded.

Among the technical characteristics of this cable car is that there are 33 cable cars in this place, 30 of them are cabins for 6 people, and 3 of them are VIP cars, which cost more than the other ones for sure.

Different Access Routes to Heyran Cable Car

To reach Heyran cable car, you can either go from Gilan province or from Fandoghloo Forest, Ardabil.

If you want to get to this cable car by public transportation, you can take a taxi from Ardabil or Astara to the entrance of the cable car complex. If you want to go to Heyran cable car using your own vehicle, it is located in 35 km from Astara and 25 km from Ardabil.