Hooman Hotel Yazd

Hooman Hotel Yazd

Thank God, after many years of effort, a house has been prepared in the heart of the historical context of Yazd, made of adobe and kindness, so that it can be a worthy host for precious guests from all over the world.

Zargan House belonged to the first gold merchant of Yazd, a noble house with a size of more than two thousand meters, located at the minimum distance from the historical places of Yazd. Zargan House, which is now called Hooman Hotel, was renovated by a group of the most experienced engineers of Yazd from 2016 to 2019 and was opened on November 30,2019.

Hooman Hotel is a house with more than 150 years old and has now become a traditional hotel. You can experience the life of the ancients by staying in traditional rooms with modern equipment.

The concept of hospitality in Iran is very different from other parts of the world. Welcoming guests in ancient Iran was considered one of the important moral principles. If we refer to the travel stories in Shahnameh by Hakim Abul-Qâsem Ferdowsi, we will see that welcoming guests has special customs.

Hospitality is one of the moral virtues of Iranians. We can safely say that all the tourists who have come to Iran have acknowledged this. Merritt Hawkes, the author of the book ” Persia: Romance and reality”, described the hospitality of Iranians as: “Iranians are very hospitable and polite, when I passed by an Iranian family who were having lunch, they asked me to join them with their special hospitality of Iranians. But I explained that I needed to continue the visiting quickly. I wish the people of the western world could also welcome such an approach.”

Hooman Restaurant

In addition to providing the best host services, Hooman Hotel in Yazd has a very stylish and luxurious restaurant with a varied menu, delicious food and exemplary quality which welcomes you every day.

Rooms and Suites

If you are planning to travel to Yazd and you are thinking of a pleasant stay in the depths of ancient history, Hooman Hotel is exactly what you are looking for; by combining modern and traditional environment and being located in the heart of the historical context.

Hooman Café

The pleasant taste of the world’s highest quality drinks in an environment different from anything you have ever seen. At Hooman, drink with the taste of historical context and beautiful Yazd and enjoy the quality.

Hotel Amenities and Services

The rooms’ amenities of this boutique hotel include beds, refrigerator, television, table set, cooling and heating split system, toilet and bathroom, towel, soap, shampoo, toothbrush, etc. Furniture is also available in VIP rooms. It should be noted that the rooms of this traditional hotel do not have the capacity of additional person for sleeping on the floor. The services of this traditional house for travelers include tour guide, English-speaking staff, free internet, and an uncovered parking lot with 20 cars capacity.

Tourist Attractions

One of the characteristics of Hooman Traditional Boutique Hotel is its location in the city center and proximity to tourist attractions. Malek Al-Tojar House and Water Museum are 2 minutes away, Khan Bazaar and Bath are 4 minutes away, and Amir Chakhmaq Complex is 3 minutes away. These are the closest historical places to your hotel. Other historical attractions that you can visit by following an up to 5 kilometers path are Dowlat Abad Garden, Shesh Badgir Ab Anbar, Lariha House Museum and Museum

The Distance from This Hotel to Tourist Attractions

To Yazd Sadooghi international airport: 10 km (22 minutes)

To Yazd railway station: 4.9 km (11 minutes)

To Khan bazaar and bath: 600 meters (4 minutes)

To Lariha House Museum: 1.7 km (8 minutes)

To Museum of Light and Illumination: 5.2 km (15 minutes)

To Zoroastrians tower of silence: 14 km (20 minutes)