Hormuz island traditional tours package

Hormuz island traditional tours package

Hormuz island traditional tours package

Hormuz island is one of the most beautiful and special islands of Iran located in the Persian Gulf. This beautiful island is one of the few islands that tourists are not allowed to enter with their vehicles, so its nature remains excellent and beautiful.This island is covered with beautiful and special natural and historical attractions and attracts many tourists from all over Iran and other countries every year. With the help of kental Iran travel, you can have a dream trip.  Iran tour guides help you to use the best facilities and the most suitable services.  This team is with you during your journey and guides you.

Tourist attractions

Hormuz island has many tourist attractions that we will get to know about in the rest of this article.  When you decide to travel to this beautiful island, be sure to visit and enjoy these beautiful attractions.  Kental Iran travel team They will accompany you and show you all these beautiful attractions, and wherever you need help and guidance, ask for help from an Iran tour guide. They will gladly help you and provide you with the best services.

Gave top attractions of Hormuz island:

  • Valley of statuescave
  • goddess of salt
  • red beach
  • rainbow valley
  • Hormuz earthen
  • carpet dr. nadalian
  • museum Portuguese castle

Iran Tour Guide Tourists from other countries prefer to take a professional and famous team for their trip, such as kental Iran travel because they are not familiar with the customs, language, and culture of the people of that city.  Therefore, the professional team of kental Iran travel will help you have a great trip.  One of the features of this time Iran tour guide is that they will be with you from the beginning to the end of the trip and will help you to choose the best hotels, the best restaurants, and the best tourist attractions. This kental Iran travel team will help you to have a comfortable and enjoyable trip. During this journey, if you need guidance or have any questions, they will be with you.

Hormoz island traditional tour package

Hormuz is a traditional island with traditional people and very attractive traditional customs, which is one of the reasons for attracting tourists to this beautiful island.  In this tour, the kental Iran travel team It offers you a traditional package that is very enjoyable and memorable.

What does this traditional tour include?

Traditional restaurants

There are beautiful and traditional restaurants in Hormuz that are very special and tourists go to these restaurants to enjoy the food and enjoy this special atmosphere.  In these traditional restaurants, very delicious and traditional foods are cooked, which are special to Hormuz island, and these dishes are prepared by the best chefs of Hormuz island.  The Kental Iran travel team will introduce you to the best traditional restaurants and will be with you to choose the food.  If you travel to Hormuz island, don’t miss these traditional restaurants.

Traditional hotels

Traveling is very enjoyable, but for all tourists, hotels, and accommodations that provide excellent and traditional services to tourists are very important.  The most important point for any trip is accommodation and rest, after a great day on the beautiful island of Hormuz.  Staying and resting in a hotel is very important. The hotel that tourists choose should be comfortable and provide them with excellent services. On Hormuz island, some traditional hotels and residences provide them with excellent services from traditional foods. All the necessary equipment for tourists is provided traditionally and tourists can get to know the traditional life of the people of the island.

Traditional markets

One of the most important parts of the trip to Hormuz island, which all tourists are very interested in, is shopping in the traditional markets of Hormuz island.  Hormoz island has very beautiful and traditional markets where all the necessary items for tourists are available in this market.  This market is traditionally managed by the native people of this island.  There are very beautiful and traditional items in it. Tourists enjoy shopping and watching this market and its items.  In this market, you can buy traditional foods, traditional ornaments, and other traditional items of this island and watch and enjoy.  Buying souvenirs is one of the most important goals for tourists to travel to this beautiful island. Iran tour guide and kental Iran travel will guide you to go to traditional markets and buy traditional souvenirs.

Traditional customs

The customs of the people of Hormuz island are very special, beautiful, and traditional, and tourists can learn about the traditional customs of the people of this island.The customs of the people of Hormuz island are perhaps one of the most beautiful ethnic customs of Iran.The southern islands of the country are less connected with other regions and cities of the country due to their special geographical location.  On the other hand, they have been in contact with other countries due to waterways.  This issue has caused us to expect a rich culture and special customs that are more special and traditional compared to other regions of Iran. Kental Iran travel introduces you to the traditional people and traditional customs of this island.

Iran Visa

Traveling to different cities in Iran and its beautiful islands is one of the most enjoyable trips for foreign tourists.  But before traveling to Iran, foreign travelers must have an Iranian visa.  Getting a visa may take time, but an Iran visa and kental Iran travel will be with you from the beginning of the trip to the end of the trip and will help you to get your visa in the shortest time and in the easiest way and travel to Iran and the beautiful island of Hormuz.  It is enough to go to kental Iran travel trust and be with us, follow the links below for more information.