How can I get medical visa for Iran?

How can I get medical visa for Iran?

In recent years, due to the cheapness of treatment costs and the country’s need to generate dollar income, special attention has been paid to health tourism, and in this regard, even with the presence of the Corona virus and the lack of tourist and pilgrimage visas, Iran’s treatment visa (Treatment Visa Type T) can be issued and applicants for treatment in Iran can travel to Iran by obtaining this visa and stay in Iran for 30 to 45 days. Under current conditions, medical visas are not issued at the airport and must be obtained through a travel agency in Iran to obtain a barcode and confirmation, and then the applicant must attend the Iranian embassy in the country of residence to confirm and finalize his visa. The duration of obtaining an Iranian health visa for most nationalities is less than 7 days, and to obtain it, a doctor’s letter and an IPD permit are required. In the following, we have exlained the conditions and documents required for the treatment visa, the procedures for obtaining it, costs, etc.

    Keep in mind that it is possible to obtain an Iran visa only through a travel agency and complete treatment procedures in Iran, and the visa cannot be obtained individually.

Iran medical visa

Iran medical visa (type T visa) has been added to the types of Iranian visas for the last few years and it is one of the visas that are issued very quickly. The validity of Iran medical visa is 30 to 45 days, which of course can be extended depending on the condition of the applicant. Iran medical visa can be obtained in 2 ways:

Obtaining an Iranian flying visa through a travel agency

Obtaining a medical visa in Iran is required to receive full medical tour services in Iran, and if you want to apply for a medical visa, you must first get all the information needed for treatment in Iran by getting free advice from a travel agency or a facilitating company, and then by collecting the documents and sending them to the travel agency, they will plan your visa and your treatment in Iran. Then by paying and traveling to Iran, leave the treatment steps to the experts of the travel agency.

Obtaining medical visa at the airport of Iran

In the past years, it has been possible to obtain an Iranian medical visa at the airport, and citizens of Venezuela, Turkey, Syria, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Bolivia, Egypt, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia can obtain an airport medical visa at the airports. An applicant from one of these countries must get an invitation from a medical center in Iran to treat his illness before traveling, then come to Iran and receive an airport medical visa at one of Iran’s international airports (of course, because it is possible that your visa application might be rejected we do not recommend this method as it will cost you a lot of time and money and eventually yields no result for you.)

Procedures for obtaining treatment visa in Iran:

1- Contact the experts of travel agencies for consultation

2- Collecting the required documents for treatment visa

         A letter from a specialist doctor stating the applicant’s need for treatment in Iran

         Scan of the relevant medical documents of the applicant

         Passport scan and a portrait photo

3- Coordinating and planning a therapeutic tour for the applicant and companion by the travel agency and announcing it to the applicant

4- Approval of the tour program by the visa applicant and treatment in Iran

5- Sending documents and paying the fee (in full or in advance)

6- Obtain Iran health EVISA

7- Receiving a visa (Pickup) at the embassy or consular service offices of Iran in the country of residence

Iran medical visa validity period for foreign nationals

Entry validity period: The validity period of Iranian medical visa entry for foreign nationals is 90 days or three months, and the visa applicant can enter Iran up to three months after the visa is issued.

Validity period of stay: Validity of Iranian visa varies from one day to 45 days depending on the request registered in the system of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Of course, this period of stay can be extended up to two times, each time for the duration of the main stay of the visa.