Iran pilgrimage visa for foreign nationals

Iran pilgrimage visa for foreign nationals

Visa is a document issued for the passage of people. Every foreigner needs a visa to enter a country. Iran visa as well. A visa is often stamped on a specific part of the passport. This stamp shows that the person has official permission to enter Iran.

In general, all people from all over the world can get Iran visa for Europeans by having a valid passport and after submitting the declared documents.

Iran Visa Rules

Iran’s visa law for Europeans is about on what basis citizens of other countries can enter and stay in Iran. Certainly, such a law is not the same for all countries. For example, this option may take several months for USA citizens, but countries like Malaysia and … can easily benefit from Iran visa.

One of the options that Iran has provided for foreign tourists is the Iran visa on arrival (VOA). This visa is currently accepted for seven countries in the world. In fact, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and Georgia, the Republic of Azerbaijan and Lebanon are among the countries that can travel to Iran without visa. Of course, the time they are allowed to stay in Iran is determined according to diplomatic agreements.

In general, to use Iran visa, the purpose of the person must be determined first. By knowing each type of Iran visa for Europeans, it is possible to check which one is more suitable for the applicant.

Iran tourist visa, as the name suggests, is for people who plan to visit different regions of Iran, and in general, the travel time is specified in this visa, and the person does not want to stay permanently. This visa can be easily obtained if it is accompanied by an invitation letter.

Iranian pilgrimage visa is one of the other easy options in this way. Generally, people who intend to visit religious places of Iran can go for this type of Iran visa. People’s place of residence must be carefully specified on the day of the interview. Of course, the rules in the field of Iran’s pilgrimage visa are routinely and periodically changing. You can visit different shrines in Iran with this visa only in a certain time.

Iran Visa Requirements

Generally, you have two ways.

In the first method, you have to apply for Iran visa personally. In this way, there are a series of options in front of you that may seem difficult. Keep in mind that you are not aware of the details in this field and any negligence will definitely cause you trouble. The next thing is about the cost and time that will be spent on you, definitely an amount of time and cost will be seen in this direction, which does not seem reasonable.

The second method is for those who want to get Iran visa easier. Using a travel agency that has the necessary licenses in this field and can bring you results much faster.

Our suggestion is to use expert teams in this field. In fact, our consultants can easily get you to your goal with the lowest price. Remember that there are different options in front of you.