Iran tourism packages 2023

Iran tourism packages 2023

Iran really has amazing nature. One of the most memorable experiences you can create for yourself is to dedicate a few weeks to Iran. Move from the north of Iran, see all the cities on your way one by one and record the incredible Iranian landscapes in your mind and soul. Then visit the west, south and east of Iran and finally return to the beautiful north. But if you plan to visit Iran, it is really difficult to know where to go and which cities to visit.

In this article, the experts of Kental Travel Agency will introduce you to the best domestic tours in Iran, and you can choose one of them according to your taste during your stay in Iran.

Kish tour

Iran tourism packages 2023

Kish Island is an excellent destination both for those who are looking for expensive luxury trips and for those people who are looking to visit pristine and beautiful natures and see a rich culture up close. That is why more than one million tourists are looking for the best offers to book a Kish tour or find a Kish tour and cheap flights to the island. From the point of view of tourists, the best tour is definitely a tour that includes one of the best hotels on the island for travelers to stay in and provides them with very good amenities.

The price of the Kish tour is very important for travelers because the trip to this island is due to the presence of many water activities that impose a lot of cost on travelers; is considered one of the most expensive trips. For this reason, the lower the cost of accommodation and other costs related to trip; travelers can spend more on these entertainments and have a more exciting trip as a result. Today, those who plan to travel to Kish Island can book a Kish tour from most cities in Iran. To book a Kish tour from Tehran, just search for this word on the internet and select a tour from among the many options whose features are more in line with your conditions. The easier way is to find your desired option among the special offers and last minute tours of Kish and contact the Kish counter at Kental travel agency.

Yazd tour

Yazd is one of the scenic cities of Iran, which is located almost in the center of Iran, and because of its historical context and its many sights, it was registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List in July this year. Traditional architecture, many historical houses, scenic attractions and all these have made a trip to Yazd one of the best tours in Iran. Yazd is known by various nicknames such as the city of winds, the city of sweets, and the city of bicycles, and interestingly, the oldest cooler in the world was also located in Yazd. But before that you need to get information about the costs, its sightseeing and hotels.

Tour of Isfahan

Isfahan has a worldwide reputation due to its unique architectural masterpieces and is very rich in history. The city of Isfahan has been the capital of different dynasties several times throughout history, and for this reason, it is full of beautiful historical monuments that can be very enjoyable to visit. It should be mentioned that Isfahan, which is known as half of the world, is so beautiful that it is not possible to visit all that this city has in one trip. In this city, not only the historical and tourist attractions make the city popular, but also the warm-blooded people and authentic culture of this region attract many travelers from all over the world to this city.

Shiraz tour

Shiraz is located in a geographical location that has four seasons and has a very pleasant climate. A region that is semi-arid in terms of climate and the amount of rainfall is not high. In general, the weather of Shiraz in spring is excellent and it is one of the best seasons to travel because the favorable and cool weather awaits tourists. The summer of Shiraz has a hot climate and it may be dry and annoying for some. But in autumn, the weather is very cool and pleasant in this city. But if you like to experience the cold and mountainous weather, we suggest that you choose winter to buy plane tickets to Shiraz and start your trip to this region.

Kerman tour

Iran tourism packages 2023

Kerman is a desert city with hot summers and cold winters. Kerman nights are very cold even in spring and summer. Spring and autumn weather in Kerman is relatively similar and moderate. The average temperature in these seasons is between 11 and 23 degrees Celsius. But summer is definitely not the best time to travel to Kerman because this city usually has an unbearable temperature. Considering that most of the tourist areas of this city are located in desert areas, it is recommended that the best time to travel to Kerman is in spring. The air temperature in spring days is relatively moderate. Due to the clear sky, you can easily enjoy the beauty of the desert starry sky at this time. But in general, according to your interests and the type of entertainment you want to have in the city of Kerman, you can choose the time of your trip so that the memory of your trip to Kerman remains in your mind.