Iran Tours for US Citizens

Iran Tours for US Citizens

Perhaps one of the concerns of those US citizens who wish to travel to Iran is that, which Iran tour is best for them. Well, today in this article our experts in Kental Travel selected some great destinations for American citizens who travel to Iran

Our persian ancestors were traveling professionally since ancient times, and from the day they knew themselves, they took a long journey from a distant land called Siberia to the plateau of Iran. A group of them stayed here and a group continued their journey. The group that stayed never had an intention to stay and they were constantly going back and forth from India and China to Rome and this was the first story of humanity’s journey that we Aryans made.

Iran Tours for US Citizens

For American citizens who intend to travel to Iran, the first and most important step is to obtain an Iranian visa, which, due to the political issues between the two countries, requires following a special process that will be explained to you below:

A few important points for obtaining Iran visa for American citizens are:

  • Requesting through an accredited travel agency in Iran
  • Accurately specifying the itinerary
  • Following the routes that are specified and mentioned in the travel plan, so they will not be allowed to cross the prohibited routes.
  • The exact announcement of the date of entry and the date of departure from the country
  • Try to be at the embassy at the appointed time for the interview.
  • If a person is under eighteen years of age, he must submit a consent letter from his parents to the country’s embassy.

The most important thing about obtaining an Iranian visa is that you must make sure that the documents you have to submit are complete and free of defects, because if there are any defects in your documents, the process of obtaining and obtaining a visa will be affected.

Note: If the applicant has previously traveled to Israel, the chance of obtaining a visa might be weak.

But after obtaining a visa by the help of Kental Travel, you can enter Iran and enjoy the beauty of this country

Let’s take a look at the tours you can tour with:

It is better to start from the lost paradise of Iranian tourism, Chabahar. Since the time of the Achaemenids, the current Chabahar was known as Tis Port and is one of the largest and most famous cities of the Iranian Empire. Chabahar means the city of four springs.

Chabahar is always spring. If you don’t believe it, travel there with Kental Travel tour in summer and winter to be sure of this. Travel in the hottest days of summer or the coldest days of winter to make sure that it was not named Four Spring in vain. In addition to these, more than 20 unique sightseeing spots and excellent shopping are the advantages of this domestic trip, and these are other than the wonders of Chabahar, which you will definitely be surprised when you see.

Then, we reach Kerman in our Kental Travel domestic travel tours. Kerman must be seen. The city that has the longest historical bazar in Iran, the city that was once the center of world trade from China to Rome and Arabia to Mongolia and Armenia.

Shahdad desert is also a must see. Of course, it is the most beautiful desert in the world.

In addition if you haven’t seen Shazdeh Mahan garden, then you haven’t seen the most beautiful Iranian garden either. In the center of a sandy desert, a lush green garden shines like a jewel of azure among the golden sands like a unique ring in the fingers of the Kerman desert and makes the Kerman tour more spectacular.

Some say if you travel to Yazd, know that you are going to travel to the capital of turquoise mosques. Yazd is the city of sugar and sweets, and it us as if you have traveled to the honey beehive of the desert. A prosperous and beautiful and green city in the middle of a beautiful and simple desert. See this city from morning to evening and just stare at its sky at night. As if another world will appear for you. The Milky Way galaxy and billions of stars travel to you through your eyes. Don’t be shy and pic a star for yourself. This is the fruit of the desert that you pick for yourself on Yazd tour.

The next stop in our Kental Travel tour is Shiraz. Shiraz is the land of pride and greatness of past Iran. This land is a balm for our Iranian hearts. A place where the spirit of happiness from a distant past and from our ancestors is still flowing in there. It is as if happiness has been enclosed in that city. If you are looking for the gate of ancient time and old Persia, then don’t hesitate to travel to Shiraz and find Pasargad. There you can feel the history moment by moment.

Then it’s time for Isfahan. Everyone likes Kental Travel’s Isfahan tour. One of the cleanest cities in Iran, where many historical buildings fascinate every domestic and foreign tourist. You can add to it many colorful handicrafts made in this city.

Isfahan tour is a kind of trip that makes you want to have more money and spend a lot of money and buy a lot of souvenirs. Make sure to consider some days to see Isfahan and a good amount of money to buy gifts from this city

In the north west of Iran, there is a nice and clean city called Tabriz. Tabriz is one of the safest cities in Iran, and when you travel with Kental Travel tour, you will be able to explore with ease and enjoy its good and cool weather and you’ll visit all its historical sights. Because you can see historical sights and go to the traditional bazar and buy great souvenirs. Next to it, there are modern shopping and business centers where you can find all the latest and most fashionable items. For those who love to try local foods, it should be mentioned that, Tabriz is full of traditional and modern restaurants where you can eat delicious food with a great quality.

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