Iranian visa agency

Iranian visa agency for foreign travelers

Tourists who wish to travel to Iran, in addition to registering on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran, can get their tourist visa through reputable travel agencies.

Agencies licensed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can apply for Iran visa applicants in the special panel of travel agencies.

In this method, because the documents are prepared and reviewed by the agency and the travel agency is introduced as the applicant’s sponsor and host, the possibility of the application being rejected is minimized.

In this type, the agency receives the documents from the visa applicant and after reviewing and solving possible problems, registers the visa application in the panel and finally obtains a tracking code.

According to experience, requests registered by the agency are answered faster than personal requests.

1. The travel agency receives a fee for consulting, reviewing documents, following up the visa issuance process in person if necessary, and hosting the applicant, as the cost of obtaining a barcode.

Due to the fact that this site has a long history in the field of Iran visa and operates directly with a high number of requests, it charges a lower fee than other reputable agencies in Iran.

Keep in mind that some travel agencies that charge a low fee are not licensed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and file the application in person, which increases the possibility of visa rejection.

In this type of Iran tourist visa, the agency receives a fee for visa advice and hosting for the applicant.

Keep in mind, the agencies are only visa agents and the main authority for issuing Iranian visas is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Documents required to get Iran tourist visa:

  • Image of the first page of the passport
  • A 3×4 photo with a white background (preferably a recent one)
  • Image of your residence card (in case the applicant’s passport and place of residence are different, i.e. an applicant wants to apply for a visa from Paris with an Afghan passport)
  • Filling in the application form on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the personal information form prepared by the travel agency
  • Travel insurance
  • Itinerary, tour leader card, hotel watcher and plane ticket (only for Canadian, American and British citizens)

According to the new guidelines issued by the National Corona Headquarters, applicants for Iran visa must meet the following requirements:

Holding a negative PCR corona test at most 96 hours before travel (for people over 12 years old)

Holding a vaccination card for at least 2 doses (the vaccine received should be among ones approved by Iranian Ministry of Health)

The applicant is not from high-risk countries or his next destination is not high-risk countries.

 Iran tourist visa validity period:

After the final approval of the visa, travelers can use that visa to enter Iran within 3 months or 90 days.

For those travelers who have entered the country, their validity of tourist visa is 30 days at most.

Who cannot apply for Iran tourist visa?

  • Citizens of occupied Palestine (Israel)
  • People who have a recent trip to Israel.
  • Afghan nationals who reside in Afghanistan.
  • Citizens of countries that have a very unfavorable economic situation. (usually African countries)
  • Citizens of high-risk countries in terms of corona virus
  • People who have had political activities against the Islamic Republic of Iran.
  • Indian nationals residing in India.

Iran Tourist Visa Extension:

Tourist visa can be extended twice and each time for 30 days,

but the entry validity period cannot be extended.

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