Kalam Polo (Kohlrabi and Rice Pilaf)

Kalam Polo (Kohlrabi and Rice Pilaf)

You will be more eager about traveling to Fars province if you know there is an authentic food culture in addition to tourist attractions. Cities in Fars province are famous resort towns in Iran. Don’t miss delicious food while you are visiting the attractions. Kalam Polo is one of local dishes in Fars province that is cooked in many cities in Iran because of its special taste.

It is better to know that local cuisine of Shiraz is rooted in the history and civilization of this region. Craving a Shirazi meal? Stay with us and learn how to make the famous Kalam Polo and have a great feast with it.


●        2 lb kohlrabi

●        2 lb rice

●        2 small onions; peeled and diced

●        500 g special Kalam Polo greens (tarragon, basil, chives and dill)

●        oil as needed

●        Salt, cinnamon, black pepper and turmeric as needed

●        2 tablespoons lemon juice

●        Shirazi Salad for serving

Step 1

First, soak the rice for a few hours with a little salt.

Fry the onions with oil.

Peel the kohlrabies and cut them Julienne, a little smaller than fries cuts. Chop rinsed special greens either.

Pour oil into a large pan and place it over medium heat. Then fry chopped kohlrabies and add lemon juice to it as you fry.

Add the chopped greens to the kohlrabies and stir. Add fried onions, black pepper, cinnamon, and a touch of salt.

Step 2

In a large pot, pour some water and half a tablespoon turmeric. When the water boils, add the rice and after a few minutes drain it.

Put your favorite tahdig in the bottom of the pot and mix the drained rice with kohlrabies and greens and add them to the pot. You can also put the kohlrabies and the greens in layers within the rice and mix them after cooking.

Put a tight-fitting lid on the pot over medium heat and let the pilaf steam.

Step 3

Meanwhile, to prepare small meatballs add ground beef and ground onion into a bowel. Then add chickpea flour, pepper, turmeric, and salt and knead them well. Make small meatballs and fry them in a pan with some oil.

Place fried meatballs in the middle of the rice to steam simultaneously.

Steaming takes about 1 hour. In classic Kalam Polo, meatballs take place within the rice but you can place them on the rice according to the recipe. For better taste you can also use cinnamon and dried lime powder. For tahdig, you can use broad kohlrabi leaf, lettuce, potatoes or bread. You can also use brewed saffron to make it tastier. Meatball-free Kalam Polo is suitable for vegetarians.

Go to a local restaurant and order Kalam polo Shirazi, the city’s most famous dish. The taste and the scent of Kalam Polo with savory meatballs, along with the colorful Shirazi Salad, will satisfy any taste. So make this Kalam Polo Shirazi without a doubt and smell the scent of spring in Shiraz.