Lahijan is a city that has long been involved in the silk trade. In 1932, the first tea factory was set up in Lahijan. Also a large part of Gilan rice and citrus of the Caspian plain is produced in this city.

How do you know Lahijan? You might say tea, because the first tea factory has been set up in this city. You may know it as rice and citrus, you may know Lahijan because of its silk, because the silk trade has flourished here for a long time. We must say that Lahijan is known for all these cases. Traveling to Lahijan is a unique and excellent experience and be sure to include it in your travel plan to Gilan.

Lahijan, in addition to its waterfall, pool and cable car, has shown a green and fresh image that always attracts many tourists from all over Iran and different countries.

Lahijan weather

The climate of Lahijan is hot and humid in summers. Winter begins with strong, warm winds and ends with snowfall. The humidity in this city is high. The average humidity is 76 to 79 percent, but it can reach 100 percent.

Lahijan sights

Lahijan has many sights and many natural sights. Shaitan Kuh waterfall, Lahijan green roof and Lahijan pool are very spectacular. Do not forget to take the Lahijan cable car and experience the spectacular view of the mountain.

Golshan Bath, Tea History Museum, Kashifa Al-Saltanah Tomb and Akbariyeh Mosque are among the tourist attractions of Lahijan.

Also, Sustan Wetland, Kisam Bridge, Sheikhanbar and Pashaki Brick Bridge are other historical and natural sights in Lahijan.

If you have enough time, visit Amir Kalayeh International Wetland, which is also known as Shaleh Kol. This wetland is located near Lahijan, next to Chamkhaleh pass to Kiashahr. The historical tomb of Sheikh Zahed Gilani is located in the village of Sheikh Anwar and is very spectacular.

Lahijan Shopping Centers

Lahijan traditional market is full of colors, smells and tastes. But if you want to buy things other than fresh fish and vegetables, go to Lahijan shopping malls.

From Valiasr Shopping Center, Majnoon Island Shopping Center, Naderi Tower and Shahr Sabz Passage, you can buy clothes, bags, shoes and small items. You can also go to Shishegaran Street and visit the many shops there.

Lahijan souvenir

The image of Lahijan is tied with a cup of hot and fragrant tea. Therefore, it is not possible to go to the city of tea and return without buying it. We suggest visiting Lahijan Refah Tea Store in Khazar Square and Abrisham Tea Store in Abrisham Square.

Cookies are the next delicious option that you should buy for yourself and as souvenirs. You can buy Lahijan special cookies from KookiTo confectionery cafe. Near Lahijan pool, you will find both Nooshin and Naderi cookies.

Rice, jams and pickles, smoked fish and salted fish are other delicious souvenirs of Lahijan. Silk, woodcarving, carpentry, mosaic, mat, bamboo, sofas, ceramics, painting on pumpkin and mat are among the handicrafts of Lahijan.

Lahijan Restaurants

In Lahijan, it is not a matter of getting full. Lahijan’s varied appetizers and dishes are exciting, delicious and memorable. Fresh fish and sour kebab, local yogurt and pickled garlic also make you hungry.

You will find good restaurants in Lahijan that serve these delicacies with quality. Mahtab Traditional Restaurant, Ziba Restaurant, Khan Salar Restaurant, Pahlavan Asgar Restaurant, Shandiz Restaurant and Vahid Restaurant are good and famous options in Lahijan.