Marjan(Coral) Beach in Iran

The bright, golden shores of the Persian Gulf’s islands are among the most spectacular beaches in Iran and the world, and their infinite beauty will capture the eye of every viewer. Marjan Beach in Kish is one of the rocky beaches that is among the most popular attractions in Kish Island; with amenities, and several hotels and restaurants, it is a suitable place for sightseeing. Stay with us to introduce you Kish’s Marjan Beach more.

Where is Marjan Beach?

Marjan Beach or Hafiziyeh Beach lies to the southeast of Kish Island. Kish Island is located in southern Iran, in the Persian Gulf waters, and is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Hormozgan Province. Aftab (Sun) Port and Charak Port are on the north side of Kish Island, and Hendorabi and Lavan Islands are on the west. Marjan beach in Kish is approximately 9 km (12 minutes) away from the city’s airport.

Access Route to Marjan Beach in Kish

To go to Marjan Beach, first you should go to Kish Island.

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There is an alternate route to reach Kish Island in addition to the air route; you can reach this island by land route and then with a launch (boat) through the sea route.

Kish International Airport is almost in the center of the island, and you can take yourself to Marjan Beach in the south-east of the island, by taxi or car rental.

“Jahan” beautiful coastal road that lies around the island is also along the routes that pass through the Marjan Beach.

To access Kish Island by land and sea, you have to take a plane, bus, train, or car to Bandar Abbas. Then go to one of Lengeh, Aftab or Charak Ports. The best option to enter Kish Island is Charak Port; Because of the high volume of passengers, there is a ship to travel at different times, and most of the ships travel from Charak port to Kish. The distance from Bandar Abbas to Charak port is approximately 291 km. The sea-way distance from Charak Port to Kish Island is about 32 km.

People who want to travel to Kish Island by car must use special vessels to enter the island. By RORO car shipping, travel from Charak port to Kish in about 2.5 hours. Notice that the best time to travel from Bandar Abbas to Charak port is in the morning; because in this time of day one can enjoy the view of the sea and the mountains in the road. You can also travel from Charak port to Kish before sunset so that you can watch the sunset landscape on the sea during your little trip with RORO car shipping.

Tourist Attractions in Marjan Beach Park

Marjan Beach in Kish is one of the cleanest beaches of the Persian Gulf,

and also one of the coral coasts of Iran with golden sand and beautiful


This beach is so clear that if you take a boat and take a tour on Kish’s

Coral Sea, you can see many aquatics such as oysters, snails, sea anemones,

different kinds of ornamental fish and corals.

Marjan Shopping Mall

Marjan Shopping Mall is a great place to shop at Marjan Beach in Kish.

Various basic goods such as clothes, food, island souvenirs,

swimming equipment and so on are sold at this mall.

We recommend you to go shopping here after watching the beautiful sunset on the white coral beach.

Marjan Shopping Mall opened in 1991,

and one of its attractions is the large aquarium on the first floor,

which contains more than 800 aquatic species and Persian Gulf fish,

and this has added to its popularity.