Masal is a city in Gilan province and is surrounded by mountains and forests. Special geographical features of Masal such as  waterfalls, caves and the green foliage has made this city a paradise.

The amazing cloud ocean, as one of the ancient human dreams of human for watching the clouds so close and perhaps touching them, brings everyone to the astonishment of their infinite beauty and unparalleled power of God.

Masal weather

Masal, like other parts of Gilan province, has a temperate and humid climate.

Spring is a busy and touristy season for Masali. Spring and especially May is the best time to visit Masal in terms of climate. The valleys and the heights have a cool and pleasant climate, and the mountains have a semi-humid and very cool climate. As summer approaches and the humidity increases and the temperature rises in the city of Masal, which reaches 35 degrees, the number of passengers decreases. If you miss the spring to travel to Masal, it is better to wait for September, which in terms of temperature, after May is the best month of the year to travel to Masal. The passenger population at this time of year is not as large as spring, and due to the decrease in temperature and humidity, it is an ideal time for walking.

Masal souvenirs

Among the handicrafts of Masal, we can mention the types of shawls, mats, kilims, jajims and all kinds of wooden handicrafts, which are the most valuable souvenirs of Masal. The traditional dolls of the region have also been nationally registered and Shalma village is the origin of the province’s wood industries. In addition to various agricultural and dairy products, foods such as halvahs and breads such as golden bread are also among the souvenirs that are baked and served in the villages and heights of this city.

Masal sights

The Masal Cloud Ocean is just one example of the Masal sights that have made this city so famous. There are also wooden huts, watery rivers, tall waterfalls and numerous caves.

One of the most important historical sights of Masal is Mashhad Mirza region. Mashhad Mirza is located in the village of Gilvaneh, which is not far from Ulusbelangah.

The local markets of Masal also have their fans. Shanderman Friday Bazaar is one of the most famous day markets in Gilan, which has become a center for buying and selling local products and handicrafts in Masal.

Masal Natural Attractions

Masal heights such as Soe Chaleh, Chardoul, Shanbeh Rah, Aridol and especially Ulsbelangah are the most important natural sights of Masal. These areas are located at higher altitudes than the clouds and have unique views because of the clouds that form a view like an ocean below them. Ulsbelangah is one of the most touristic areas of Masal, 50 km west of Rasht and 25 km south of Masal. This area is a mountain village with wooden houses equipped with electricity generators, which is at the top of the list of people who have chosen nature and ecotourism as their travel style. Access to Ulusbelangah is easily possible and you can even get there from Rasht or Masal by taxi, and this easy access is one of the reasons for the popularity of this unique summer. Foggy landscapes, mounds lost in the fog, fragrant flowers and plants, hazelnut and plum trees, and grazing cattle are some of the God-given beauties that can be seen in Ulusbelangah.