Mashhad Airport becomes an airport city

Mashhad Airport becomes an airport city

Mashhad Airport becomes an airport city
The governor of Khorasan Razavi, referring to the plans of the travel service base, said: “Mashhad International Airport should also become an airport city, which has been approved during the government and the National Pilgrimage Working Group.”

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Mashhad Airport becomes an airport city
Yaghoub Ali Nazari, March 6, told a meeting with members of the board of directors of Iranian hoteliers held at the governor’s office: “Pilgrims from the entrance of the province under the umbrella and the umbrella. The reception is. Pilgrims expect the facilities and services needed to accommodate and accommodate them in Mashhad, with all their needs hard and heavy, and we need help and assistance in this regard.

He pointed out the importance of accommodation of pilgrims: Given the growing trend of pilgrims in Mashhad, we need at least one million beds, which should be applied to the operational plan and appropriate transportation.

The Nazari noted: Our country has an exceptional and special advantage that we can use the existence of Imam Reza (AS) in different dimensions. The pilgrimage is also facilitating many things and facilities must be provided for people to travel to Mashhad.

He said that the pilgrims should be resettled, adding that the shrine of Razavi is no longer responsive to the population of pilgrims and the capacity of the land should be used elsewhere so that pilgrims and travelers can use the public transportation system in the shortest possible time. Reach.

The governor of Khorasan Razavi said that increasing the capacity of air, rail and road transport is on the agenda, adding: “We are still pursuing the freeway to the shrine to activate.” Mashhad International Airport should also be transformed into an airport city, which has been approved during the government and the National Pilgrimage Working Group.

Nazari reiterated: Rail transportation is one of the ways to increase passenger transport capacity to Mashhad, which was held with the Chinese company last year, and the president signed initial agreements on his trip to the country.

He said: “With a transformational look at the point that all the facilities for pilgrims must be provided.” It should also take a multidimensional look at the construction and remedies around the holy shrine of Razavi and take steps to maintain the visual vision of the area.

The necessary arrangements have been made for pilgrimage and tourism trips

Yahya Naghizadeh Mahjub, Director General of Tourism Supervision and Evaluation of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts, said: “Due to the coincidence of Nowruz holidays with the holy month of Ramadan, arrangements have been made for pilgrimage and tourism trips.

He added: “There have been action to provide reception, residence and recreational and recreational services in the provinces and on the other hand, regulatory discussions on price and rates have been emphasized.” Also, due to the coincidence of the holy month of Ramadan and the holidays, this month has been considered in the reception centers.

Naqizadeh Mahbubad continued: In the last decade of zero service to pilgrims in Mashhad al -Reza (AS) was well done and now this service has been upgraded. Due to the successful performance of the pilgrimage operational service base, this type of reception should be used as an Iranian reception model. Introduce and use Islam.

Operational Camp has facilitated service to pilgrims

Jamshid Hamzazadeh, head of the professional community of Iranian hoteliers, said: Mashhad travel service base is a creative move that has facilitated the service of pilgrims.

Referring to the pilgrimage plan to the origin, he said: Given that pilgrims are overlooking Mashhad from all over the country, the heads of professional hotel communities in the provinces and free zones are ready to achieve the most service and satisfaction of pilgrims.

Hamzehzadeh added: Khorasan Razavi province is very widespread and has many tourist attractions and tourist attractions, so we are looking to increase the persistence of pilgrims and travelers by visiting tourists to other cities and attractions in different parts of the province, including Neyshabur.

He said: There are many problems along the path of pilgrims in Mashhad, one of which is the lack of flight and the high price of aircraft ticket.

Hojjat Sayylam Gonabadi Nejad, Deputy Director of Cultural, Social and Pilgrimage to Khorasan Razavi Governorate, said: One of the largest public investments in the field of pilgrimage has been made by members of the Khorasan Razavi hotel community, which is why about 5 % of hotels and accommodation centers are in Mashhad. .

Referring to the interactive approach and attending the scene of the professional community of Khorasan Razavi hoteliers, he said: Khorasan Razavi hoteliers’ professional community went beyond the duties in the last decade of this year, although the pilgrims were paid in exchange for money services For free at temporary accommodation centers.

The bold role of the hotel professional communities in the origin of the pilgrimage to the origin

Sayed Javad Mousavi, Director General of Khorasan Razavi Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts, also noted that the professional communities of Khorasan Razavi and Iran hoteliers can have a great role in the implementation of the pilgrimage plan to the origin.

Mohsen Davari, the governor of Mashhad, further stated: Mashhad Travel Services Operational Base is based on popular support for pilgrimage. We will also support the decisions of the professional community of hoteliers to attend and serve the pilgrims.

Shahram Shirvani, Vice President of the Iranian Hotel Association