Masouleh Iran: Enchanting History of a Picturesque Tourism Village

Masouleh tourism village is one of the sights of Fooman district and a traditional and old city that, despite its yellow houses in the green background of the forest and beautiful mountains in a foggy world, is more like a painting or a postcard. Masouleh is one of the few cities without motor vehicles in the world that has made the traffic of any vehicles impossible with its narrow garden alleys and steps.

Masouleh Tourism Village

If you are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, take refuge in Masouleh: a city that wakes up every morning with the song of roosters and the pleasant smell of local bread. Plan your trip to Masouleh, Gilan, so that you can stay in this city for at least one night; Because the night walk and the experience of walking in the foggy morning of Masouleh is so wonderful that you should not simply miss.

Masouleh Iran is undoubtedly one of the best places in Iran to relax and take refuge in nature. In Masouleh, as soon as you leave your residence, you feel that you have traveled a century ago in the heart of a historic village.

The best time to visit Masouleh tourism village

Masuleh Iran in the spring

Spring in Masouleh Iran alone has four seasons on its sleeve. One day it snows and it rains, one day it’s foggy and sunny, and maybe even one day it’s both sunny and rainy. The weather in Masouleh is mostly rainy in April and is sometimes accompanied by snow. The sky of Masuleh is often cloudy and foggy these days of the year. May is often cloudy and it rains less than the previous month, while June has sunny and pleasant days.

Masuleh tourism village in summer

In summer, Masuleh Iran shows off its beauty in a green dress. Porches full of geraniums, a market full of enthusiastic tourists, and rooftops full of photographers are among Masuleh’s summer images.

Masuleh tourism village is also cool on hot and sunny summer days, and seeing the summer flowers and fruits in the lush summer nature is really refreshing.

Masuleh Iran in the fall

Autumn is a great time to visit Masouleh, as the summer tourist crowds come to an end and nature shows off its beauty in yellow and orange. In autumn, you can walk in the alleys of Masouleh in a quiet and cozy atmosphere or sit on the porches of stepped houses and watch the enchanting and majestic nature of the city.

Masuleh in winter

The roofs of Masouleh houses are covered with snow in winter, and the city is dazzling with its white and irreplaceable views. Winter is the most secluded tourist season of this stepped city and you can visit it with peace of mind away from the crowds of tourists. Of course, along with wheel chains for slippery roads, you should not forget the right shoes and clothes.

Masouleh Iran is one of the most popular tourist destinations and attractions in Gilan province, especially in late spring and summer. Every year, thousands of tourists and mountaineers travel to this beautiful area in Gilan province to see the historical and natural sights of Masouleh and make unforgettable memories for themselves.

Masouleh tourist attractions include Kousham waterfall, Masouleh river waterfall, Khorramboo waterfall, Torishum waterfall, Larcheshmeh waterfall, Masouleh forest park, Shah Moallem castle, Masouleh Korbar heights, Landiz heights, Andre heights and Ali Zakhouni mineral water spring are all natral attractions.

Among the historical tourist attractions of Masouleh, we can name Masuleh stepped houses, Masouleh Anthropological Museum, Cultural Heritage Museum, Tomb Museum, Masouleh Bazaar, Masouleh Ancient Site, Masouleh Caravanserai and Imamzadeh Hashem.