Mysterious and Frightening Sights in Tehran

3 Of The Most Mysterious and Frightening Sights in Tehran!

If you are interested in spooky places, don’t miss the scary video in the following!

Iran Ebrat Museum, Imam Khomeini Sq, Shahid Yarjani St, No11

Ebrat Museum in Tehran is one of Iran’ most feared prisons and places of torture. This museum is among the dark tourist attractions, that’s why it’d different from all the museum you’ve visited so far. Visiting this museum is prohibited for under 15 years.

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Haunted House, Darband

In 1399, the death of an 18-year-old youth brought this house to the fore once again. The neighbors say that creepy and laughing noises come from this house, while nobody is there, that’s why they call it the haunted house. Entering the house, there are scary words and paintings on the walls. It’s usually locked and no visitors are allowed.

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Rood Afshan Cave, 25 KM from Firozkoh

Rood Afshan cave is considered scary because of the bats leaving in complete darkness in there. If you are not afraid of creepy animals, adventuring in this cave can be very exciting. To reach this cave, you have to use Firuzkouh road. 25 km before Firouzkoh, in Seyyedabad region, you can see the sign for Rood Afshan cave.