Negarestan Hotel Kashan

Negarestan Hotel Kashan

Near Fin historical garden there is a newly built hotel with a beautiful view of Kashan, waiting for you dear travelers. This hotel is called Nagarestan Hotel, the only 4-star hotel in the city, which was opened in 2011. It has received international standards for quality of services and facilities due to its modern amenities and equipment.

Some of the hotel rooms have a wide balcony that gives you the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and nature. This hotel is one of the best residents in the city. You can enjoy the beautiful view of Fin historical garden and due to the convenient location of the hotel, you can easily visit the historical monuments of the city such as Tabatabaei Historical House, Borujerdi House, Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse and dozens of other unique historical monuments.

The experienced and hospitable staff of Nagarestan Hotel are always ready to welcome you, dear guests of Kashan.

The Rooms of Nagarestan Hotel Kashan

There are currently 108 accommodation units in Nagarestan Hotel Kashan. In this hotel, you can book Double room, Single room, Twin room, and Triple room. If the number of your companions is more and you need to have a suite, Junior, Senior and Royal suites of Nagarestan Hotel are ready to book.

Some accommodation units of this hotel can have extra beds. Consider that in Nagarestan Hotel, the extra bed service is in form of sleeping on the floor.

In all accommodation units of this hotel, you can expect refrigerator, TV, telephone, toilet and bathroom along with toiletries.

Price Comparison of Nagarestan Hotel Kashan

The price comparison of Nagarestan Hotel shows that this hotel has a lower price compared to other 4-star hotels in Kashan. Convenient amenities of the hotel, access to historical and cultural attractions and free breakfast has placed it in the list of valuable hotels to book in Kashan.

Amenities and Services of Nagarestan Hotel Kashan

There is a restaurant with 230 people capacity in Nagarestan Hotel in Kashan. In this large restaurant, you can order foreign, fast food and Iranian dishes from a selective menu.

Another noteworthy amenity of Nagarestan Hotel is the coffee shop, which is ready to welcome hotel guests and other visitors by serving all kinds of cakes and desserts and hot and cold drinks.

Also, in this hotel, there is a conference and reception hall with 500 people capacity located on the below ground floor, where you can hold various parties and events.

There is also a billiard and chess table in this hotel, which make it a good choice to stay for game and entertainment funds. There are also squat toilets in the hotel’s floors.

If you want to go to a restaurant outside the hotel, there are various restaurants and cafes about 1 km from the hotel. To use public transportation, taxi and bus stops are not far from Nagarestan Hotel Kashan.

The Distance Between Nagarestan Hotel and the Airport and Railway Station

The distance from the hotel to Kashan airport is about 30 minutes by car. From Nagarestan Hotel, you will have 12 km to Kashan railway station and 10 km to the bus terminus.

Nagarestan Hotel Rules for Staying

The stay of children under 5 years old is free in this hotel provided that not using an extra bed.

Single women will not have any problem to book a room at Nagarestan Hotel in Kashan, having valid identification documents is enough.

It is possible to accept couples with valid temporary marriage confirmation letter with embossed stamp at Nagarestan Hotel in Kashan.