What Other Place Can We Go in Mashhad Besides Imam Reza Holy Shrine? + Video

As you know, Iran is  an Islamic country, so visiting Imam Reza Holy Shrine is one of the things to do in Iran for those who intend to make a pilgrimage. There are other interesting attractions in Mashhad besides Imam Reza Holy Shrine that few people know them. Today we are going to some of these beautiful places in Mashhad. Stay with us.

  1. Chalidarreh Tourist Complex, 17 km from Mashhad, Torghabeh

Chalidarreh is a beautiful, exciting entertainment place in Mashhad, which has facilities such as chairlift, boat ride, sky tram, bungee jumping, etc. If you get hungry, there are restaurants and coffee shops, you can easily spend a day and have fun.

  1. Miniature Park, Sajjadieh 26 Corner, Elahiyeh, Mashhad

In this park you can visit all Iran. Persepolis, Isfahan Naqsh-e Jahan Square, Arg-e Bam, Tabriz Grand Bazaar and many other historical monuments are simulated in this park on a small scale, where you can take photos and check out the details closely.

3.   Daroogheh Historical House, Daroogheh Alley, Howze-Mesgaran St, Navvab Safavi St, Mashhad

Daroogheh House is among the most beautiful historical houses in Khorasan, which was built by the order of the last sheriff, Yusuf Khan Harati, at the end of the Qajar period, and is near the shrine. This house was the first place in Mashhad to have a private bath and fireplace.

  1. Tomb of Ferdowsi, End of Baharestan Blvd, Tous City, 20 KM from Mashhad

This tomb has been renovated many times throughout history, and between 1964 and 1968, they exhumed the grave, his remains were exhumed after a thousand years and buried again. By the way, the tombs of Mehdi Akhavan-Sales and Mohammad-Reza Shajarian are also there.

  1. Kang Village, 30 KM from Mashhad

Kang village is known as the Masuleh of Khorasan, which dates back to a thousand years ago. It is surrounded by Kang river and many cherry orchards, and is a good destination for travelling during the hot season.