Rudkhan Castle (Qaleh Rudkhan): Ancient Majesty and Historic Marvels

Step into the storied past of Rudkhan Castle (Qaleh Rudkhan), an architectural marvel perched majestically in the Gilan province. With its strategic location, rich history, and breathtaking surroundings, this fortress beckons adventurers and history enthusiasts alike. Discover the secrets hidden within its ancient walls, soak in the panoramic vistas of the lush landscape, and embark on a captivating journey through time at Rudkhan Castle.

RudKhan Castle Location

RoudKhan Castle is one of the most important historical fortresses in Iran, located in Fuman, Gilan. The castle is now an important landmark of Fuman and attracts a lot of tourists. It is located 20 km southwest of the Fuman, near Rudkhan village, over the forest heights of Heydar District, in a dense forest. RoudKhan Castle is between 655 to 715 meters above the sea level.

Hearing the word castle, we think of a scary mysterious place. There are weird stories about this place, some are even related to its structure; because castles are sturdy fortresses to defend against the enemy and are built to be unbeatable. They are usually built over mountains and hills. Fuman RoudKhan Castle is also one of these castles where people believe there are ghosts and spirits in it because of these features.

Reason of naming RoudKhan Castle

The castle is called RoudKhan because of the river near the castle, on the right side which is called Rokhoon. The local people call it Rokhoon Castle or formally Roodkhon Castle. In the past it was also known as RoudKhan Fortresses or Roogun; means “a fortresses along the river” and has changed into RoudKhan over time.

This castle is built on the area between two peaks, so there are a lot of stairs to access to different parts and also makes it known as the Thousand Stairs Castle. Other names of the castle are Hesami, Saksar, Sagsar, and Sagsal.

Number of the stairs in RoudKhan Castle

RoudKhan Castle has about 1,600 stairs, which are new and built for tourists. The original steps have been discovered through archaeological excavations, along the walls and towers, and there were 935 steps; this is why it is known as the Thousand Stairs Castle.

At the beginning of the climb route to Rudkhan Castle, there is a market, which you will see once you reach this place, and it may remind you of Korean and Chinese homes. This market is great for foodie people who enjoy trying local food and snacks. You can also put on Gilaki colorful clothes to mark your happy and sweet moments in lasting photos.

RoudKhan Castle in the spring

In this season the freshness of the forest, the sound of the river and the pleasant weather; play the beautiful music of nature in this place and call man to itself. Spring is the best time to travel to RoudKhan Castle.

RoudKhan Castle in summer

In the summer, the castle receives many tourists who travel through the Fuman Forest to escape the heat and make their way to the castle to travel deep into history; However, the heat and humidity of the forest in this season may be little annoying.

RoudKhan Castle in autumn

RoadKhan has fascinating beauty in fall. The colorfulness of nature and the forest cause a beautiful view of the castle and increases its magic.

Roudkhan Castle in winter

In winter, the castle has its own charm. The place, covered in white pearl-like snow is so spectacular, as if it is hibernating in a white dress.