Saqalaksar Dam

Saqalaksar Dam

Gilan province is a piece of heaven in the north of the country, full of amazing natural attractions, attracting many domestic and foreign tourists every year. Saqalaksar Village along with its famous embankment dam is one of the sights of Rasht that you should not miss. Saqalaksar Village is a unique environment with suitable facilities and short distance from Rasht. Saqalaksar Lake, the cleanest lake in Gilan, may looks very familiar to you; this lake was the location of the movie Fish and Cat. A trip to this blue lake, a clear mirror of the surrounding beauty and the reflection of the dense trees, gives tourists a wonderful peace of mind; a vision that you can’t take your eyes off it.

Saqalaksar Lake

There is an embankment dam with the same name next to Saqalaksar Village, which has created a unique lake in the forest area, surrounded by so many tall oak trees. This lake, with an area of 15 hectares, is 600 meters long and 500 meters wide and attracts tourists from far and wide. The height of Saqalaksar lake is 64 meters above sea level and its water is supplied from atmospheric precipitation and local springs. At first, Saqalaksar earth dam did not exist in this village, it was built due to the efforts of one of the villagers named Jafar Khoshhal. Mr. Khoshhal was selected as the eminent farmer in the village in 1983 and went to Tehran to meet the president. Officials in Tehran asked him to present his request. Due to the droughts of those years, he asked to build an earth dam in the village to solve the irrigating problem of rice and tea farms. In this way, Saqalaksar embankment dam was built. A statue of this farmer has been built at the entrance of the embankment dam to appreciate his efforts.

Saqalaksar Lake’s Attractions and Entertainment

One of the best recreations in Saqalaksar Lake is having a walk around. While walking around the lake, you can discover all the beauties of this lake and be accompanied by friendly dogs along the way. While walking, you will definitely come across domestic animals such as cows and sheep, grazing. If you travel to this area during summer and the lake is low, you will see trunks sticking out of the water in parts of the lake, creating interesting scenery.

Boat Riding

In Saqalaksar Lake, tourists and travelers can do boat riding. Watch the surrounding landscapes while riding paddle boats or rowboats and make an unforgettable memory of your trip.

Picnic and Photography

There are suitable places on the edge of the lake for a family or friendly picnic. You can set up the picnic table in the shade of the trees on flat ground or by the lake. Another popular activity that should not be neglected is photographing the lake, the reflecting image of the trees in the lake and the magical nature of the region.

Saqalaksar Lake Facilities

Facilities such as toilet, prayer room, mobile teahouse, cafe restaurant with limited menu, boat riding, a small shop at the entrance of the lake, and a parking lot have been provided at Saqalaksar earth dam lake.

Saqalaksar Lake Cafe Restaurant with traditional architecture is an excellent place to drink a glass of Gilani tea or local food and enjoy the beautiful view of the lake surrounded by trees. Around the lake, there are gazebos with barbecues that you can use; also, in the middle of Sakalaksar lake, a sunken structure can be seen, about which many stories are told. Of course, you should know that this house with red roof was built for visual appeal in this lake.