Saraye Ameriha Hotel

Saraye Ameriha Hotel

In 1999, Ameriha house was entrusted to a capable experienced restorer team to revive a part of the local culture of Kashan. The renovation of this precious house was completed in 2014 with meticulousness and obsession in reviving the original design of the building and its beautiful engravings.

The largest traditional house in Kashan as a 5-star hotel, opened in 2014 with Vice President at the time,Head of the Cultural Heritage, Handcrafts and Tourism Organization, Prof. Majid Samii and a group of respected government officials’ attendance.

Saraye Ameriha Hotel is located in Kashan, the jewel of the desert, and now offers you a fancy stay with 38 rooms, two restaurants, coffee shop and gallery.

Ameriha house complex, is formed from a number of separate houses adjacent and connected to each other, with an area of about 9000 m2, consisting 85 rooms and 3 houses with 5 inner and outer central courtyards, along with many varied covered spaces, and is one of the oldest historical houses in Kashan. This complex dates back to Zand period. In 1995, the renovations of the outer and inner courtyards started by administration of cultural heritage in Kashan, and in 2000, Ameriha complex registered in Pardisan Plan of Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism, and it got planned to be transformed into a large tourist inn. The distinctive features of this building are two vast courtyards, as well as gorgeous environment and decorations, and also it has the highest windcatcher among Kashan houses. Ameriha historical house is older and different from all the historical houses in Kashan in terms of age and architecture. This historical house is ready to welcome dear travelers as a unique accommodation complex.

How Far Is Kashan Saraye Ameriha Hotel from The Railway Station and Bus Terminal?

The distance between Ameriha house and the bus terminal and the railway station is about 15 minutes by car; because this hotel is located in Kashan city center.

How Much Does It Cost to Stay at Saraye Ameriha Hotel?

Saraye Ameriha has a variety of accommodation units. You can choose Single Standard or Royal Single Rooms, Twin and Double Rooms, Royal Suite, Honeymoon Suite, Family Suite, Presidential Suite, Duplex suite, Shahneshin Suite and Bargah Suite. The prices vary according to the number of people and the accommodation unit you choose.

What Amenities Does Saraye Ameriha in Kashan Have?

Saraye Ameriha has opened in 2014 and is considered one of the newly constructed hotels in Kashan, having very good amenities. Some of the most important amenities of Ameriha Hotel are: traditional drink house, restaurant, coffee shop, green space, etc.

You need 10 to 15 minutes walking from Saraye Ameriha traditional inn to visit the monuments and tourist attractions of Kashan, such as Borujerdi House, Agha Bozorg Mosque, Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse, Abbasian Historical House, and Tabatabaei Historical House. The traditional bazaar of Kashan is also very close to Saraye Ameriha traditional inn and you can visit there to buy souvenirs.

What Is the Address of Saraye Ameriha?

Ameriha house is one of the old houses in Kashan, which after the renovations has become one of the beautiful hotels in this traditional and old city. Saraye Ameriha is located in Alavi Street, Molla Mir Ahmad neighborhood. Ameri Hotel is located in the city center and it has a very good geographical location in terms of access to other tourist spots.