Shahin Shahr

Shahin Shahr

Shahinshahr is the center of Shahinshahr and Meimeh district in Isfahan province, which is located 20 km from Isfahan.

This city was the residence of the family of the Iranian army and the American army. The reason for this residence was the construction of HESA and the activity of Bell helicopter. At the end of the first Pahlavi period, this city was famous for its agricultural use and called Mohiabad farm. Shahin Shahr can be called the first new and pre-designed city in Iran, which is located 20 km north of Isfahan, between the Moallem Freeway and Azadegan Highway, and between Bakhtiardasht and Amirabad, which connects Isfahan Road to Tehran in two directions. It was called Shahinshahr because its map was in the form of a hawk.

With the separation of Borkhar and Meimeh districts from Isfahan city and the formation of a new city of Borkhar and Meimeh in 1989, Shahinshahr was chosen as the center of this district in terms of its location, population and special importance.

Tourist attractions

Shahinshahr Falafel Bazaar or Shahinshahr Night life Falafel Shop

Shahinshahr has several sports halls and a Zurkhaneh in its old form. This city has also several cultural centers that have been built by the municipality in different parts of the city. Shahinshahr is one of the industrial and technical centers of Isfahan province.

During the Iran-Iraq war, a number of immigrants from war zones, especially Khuzestan, migrated to this city. At present, this city has Persian, Lor, Qashqai, Turks, Armenians and Assyrians population.

The best areas of Shahinshahr

Hesa area: Hesa ​​area, which is a less populated area, is located in the north of Shahinshahr, five kilometers from the city center, and is one of the most important areas of the city. The importance of this region is due to the establishment of an aircraft manufacturing company, in which Iran 140 (Antonov 140) and helicopters are built.

Ferdowsi region: The people of Shahinshahr should go to Ferdowsi neighborhood to buy and provide food for their livelihood, because the city shopping center is located in this area and it is also the most famous neighborhood of the city.

Shahid Beheshti Street: This area is known as Mokhaberat Street among the residents of Shahinshahr and is known by this name, because the old building of the Telecommunication Center was located in this street. This area is also known as Shahrdari Street.

Milad area: This area should be considered as one of the best areas of this city, because it is more modern than other neighborhoods and streets, and on the other hand, the Registry Office, Justice, Shahinshahr Governor’s Office and also the Women’s Garden are located in this area.

Gorgab: Gorgab has been separate from Shahinshahr for a long time and it is known as an industrial city with an ancient history and has recently become one of the areas of this city.

Shahinshahr Industrial Zone:

One of the important differences between Shahinshahr and other cities in Iran is that all industrial jobs, including: mechanics, car cleaners and painters, electrical services, car washes, auto spare parts stores, carpenters, blacksmiths, construction tools and fittings, electrical appliances, etc. are all located in an area away from the city center, and you can not see a trace of these jobs anywhere in the city streets. That is why it is known as an industrial zone.