Shekar Polo (Suger and Rice Pilaf)

Hearing the name Shekar Polo is the reminiscent of Shiraz because it is mostly cooked in there. Shekar Polo is one of the main meals at the weddings and large banquets. At these occasions, people rarely make simple Polo, because they believe only professional chefs can cook this pilaf but the fact is that this pilaf is not difficult to make.

The most popular votive food in Shiraz during Muharram is Shekar Polo. It’s delicious, and it’ll be even more delicious if it is served with chicken, beef, or Gheimeh. This dish is similar to Shirin Polo and Havij Polo, but different in recipes. Sweet food funds would love this food because of the great taste and scent. Join us for a journey to Shiraz and make this delicious Shirazi dish.

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Shekar Polo Recipe

Shirin Polo

Shirin Polo

To know how to cook Shekar Polo, just read the 5 steps below so that you can have one of the most delicious Iranian food.

Step 1: Rice soaking

It is essential before doing anything. Soak the rice with warm water for an hour or two before cooking. Iranian rice is soaked in warm water for a better cook.

Step 2: Syrup preparation

To make the syrup put rose water, sugar, and oil in a pot over medium heat until it boils for half an hour. Finally add brewed saffron and remove from heat.

Step 3: Drain and steam the rice

Put a pot of water on the heat and add a spoon of salt. When boiling starts, add the rice and drain it after cooking. When draining, pour some warm water on the rice to stop cooking. The rice doesn’t have to be hard because adding syrup makes it hard too.

Pour a little oil in a pot and add the drained rice. Then put it over the heat and give it time to steam a bit. Do not leave the stove till you see the steam.

Step 4: Adding syrup to the rice

When the rice steamed a bit, put a tray under a colander and pour out the steamed rice into the colander. Pour the syrup all over it and mix slowly. Put the colander on another tray and add the left syrup on the first tray back on the rice. Pour some oil in a pot and add the rice in it. If there is any syrup left on the tray, pour it over the rice and let it steam for an hour.

Step 5: Sweetening tangerine peel slices to design Shekar Polo

To sweeten the tangerine peel slices boil them several times until the bitterness is gone. Then heat it with some oil and sugar. When the pilaf is ready, design it with tangerine peel and serve.

shekar polo, Iranian food

shekar polo, Iranian food

Key Tips for cooking Shekar Polo

  • You can also use almond and pistachio sticks for design.
  • Shekar Polo can be used as dinner, lunch or breakfast and Iftar during Ramadan.
  • When draining the rice, you can add a little turmeric into the water to make your rice completely yellow.
  • The more saffron you use, the better your rice color will be.
  • If you use a Teflon pot to steam the syrupy rice, you will have a very tasty tahdig.