Ski tour with Kental Iran Travel

Ski tour with Kental Iran Travel

Ski tour with Kental Iran Travel

Kental Iran Travel offers verity tours such as ski tour in Iran.  When you think about Iran, you may picture dunes and turquoise domes. Iran is, however, also home to deep forests and frigid mountains! Mountain ranges such as the Zagros and Alborz have given the nation a wealth of excellent ski touring, on-piste skiing, and snowboarding locations. With approximately 600 summits exceeding 4000 meters and 15000 peaks exceeding 3000 meters, Iran could be the next Alps! Most of Iran’s best ski resorts are in and near Tehran. If you need visa service to travel here for ski, Iran Visa can easily provide visa services for you.

ski season in Iran

Nonetheless, off-piste locations are widespread. The ski season in Iran spans from November to mid-May. However, the best months for Persian snow are January and February. This Ultimate Iran Ski Guide will provide you with all the information you need for a memorable snowy adventure in one of the world’s oldest countries…

What are your thoughts on the possibility of skiing in Iran? Iran is a large country, and its varied regions experience a wide range of temperatures and various climatic conditions. This fact, which may come as a surprise to some, is true despite its size. In particular, May to October can be blisteringly hot in desert regions, while winters in mountain regions can be bone-chillingly cold. This allows people to enjoy stunning peaks and freshly powdered slopes, perfect for skiing and snowboarding. Even if you may not be aware of it just yet, Iran has the potential to become your next skiing destination. Why not try some of the excellent slopes that run over the Alborz Mountains or some of the unmapped powder in the Zagros Mountains? Is skiing in Iran any good?

Damavand highest peak in Iran

Although Damavand stands at a height of 5609 meters (18403 feet), making it the highest peak in Iran, there are actually hundreds of other mountains in Iran that reach an altitude of more than 4,000 meters. There are over 20 resorts spread across the entirety of Iran. Not only will you be able to find thrill and pleasure there, but these resorts also give nearly all of the amenities required for an amazing day spent amid the snow powders.

The first Iranians to take up skiing were students who had learned the sport while studying abroad and talented technicians and engineers who had immigrated to the country during the 1930s. Skiing was also popular among Iranians who had grown up in other countries. If you want experience a nice Damavand tour contact Kental Iran Travel.

Ski tour with Kental Iran Travel

Although skiing has been practiced in Iran for over 80 years, the country’s first ski association was not established until 1946 (1328), even though there were already ski trails in Shemshak. In 1953 (1332), the Ab-Ali ski resort in Tehran was the first resort to use mechanical lifts; today, the city of Tehran is home to seven major ski slopes, each outfitted with virtually everything a skier might require. What was once considered an indulgent activity only for those with a high level of cultural sophistication is now widely enjoyed by people of all ages as an exhilarating sport.

In addition to the many visitors who visit these resorts annually, there is a rush of the crowd heading toward the leading skiing resorts in Tehran during the holidays.

Best time to ski in Iran

Do you want to experience the thrill of skiing downhill in Iran while taking in the stunning scenery? One of the reasons why the Alborz Mountains are so well-known is because the slopes of these mountains are typically covered in a light and powdery snow. You could find that the trails, which are referred to as pistes, are full, but every resort has untracked fields that the majority of the locals are too terrified to explore. In addition, there are a variety of training areas spread throughout the majority of the resorts.

You shouldn’t go skiing during Nowruz Holidays if you want to enjoy the slopes on Thursdays and Fridays when there are less Iranians than usual. This is the one and only way to achieve the tranquility that you so desperately need. If you want have a good Iran tour contact us at Iran Tour Guide  .

Top Ski Resorts

There are approximately 20 ski resorts located all over Iran, most dispersed across the country’s two primary mountain ranges, the Alborz and the Zagros. You’ll find some of the slopes with the best facilities near Tehran, Iran’s capital city. There is no ski resort located more than 70 kilometers away from Tehran named Ab-Ali, Dizin, Shemshak, or Darbandsar. The ski resort at Tochal is located the furthest away and most difficult to reach from Tehran.

The northwestern part of Iran is home to some ski resorts, including the Tarik Darreh ski resort in Hamedan, the Alvares ski resort in Ardabil, and the Nesar ski resort in Bijar. Pooladkaf (Sepidan), considered one of the most up-to-date resorts in all of Iran, is a great place to go skiing on the Zagros Mountains. The Zagros Mountains are home to several ski resorts, including Fereydunshahr and Chelgard (Koohrang).

Dizin International Ski Federation

The International Ski Federation granted Dizin the first authorization to host international and official events in Iran. It is the largest ski resort in Iran, with a base camp at 2,650 meters and ski lifts that ascend to 3,600 meters, providing breathtaking views of Mount Damavand.

Dizin ski resort

Yeah, this makes Dizin ski resort the highest-altitude resort in Iran. There are various trails for beginners and intermediate skiers and untracked areas with challenging terrain and magnificent leaps over the tiny hills for advanced skiers. This resort has many hotels, apartments, restaurants, and sporting facilities. This resort offers grass skiing, hiking, horseback riding, and tennis on the weekends during the summer and winter. Don’t worry, you won’t be bored, with the variety of fields and activities at this ski resort. Contact Kental Iran Travel to get Dizin offer.

Darbandsar Ski Resort

Want to ski at night? Then, Darbandsar is an excellent option.

Skiing from Dizin to Darbandsar affords excellent opportunities to take in breathtaking vistas of Mount Damavand.

Ski tour with Kental Iran Travel

The fact that it is privately owned makes it Iran’s second-largest ski resort as well as the country’s most advanced and well-developed one. You may reach an elevation of 3,570 meters above sea level by using the lifts in Darbandsar. In addition, there are snowmaking machines on half of the main slope, and there are lights for night skiing so that skiers may enjoy the slopes even after dark.