Snow Tunnel in One Hour from Tehran + Video

Snow Tunnel in One Hour from Tehran + Video

If you’ve craved snow in the middle of summer, with a little driving and walking you can go to a place that you wouldn’t believe!

Drive for one hour from Lashgarak highway, after passing Fasham you’ll reach Lalan or Lalon green village. Then you have to park your car and start walking… you have to walk for about an hour or two to reach the snow tunnel; although the track is so beautiful that you won’t notice the time passing.

Snow tunnels are generally a little dangerous, especially during the hot seasons, so you must follow safety measures

To reach this beautiful snow tunnel, you should have suitable shoes, backpack, water and food with you.

If you continue the path from the snow tunnel for an hour and a half by walking, you will reach Lalon (Khalno) beautiful waterfall.

Try to plan your way back to the village before sunset.