Somamos Peak

Somamos Peak

Somamos Peak (Sama Moz or Somam) is one of the climaxes in the western Alborz mountain range. The height of Somamos Peak is 3703 meters, the highest peak overlooking the Caspian Sea and so the highest peak of Gilan province, called the roof of Gilan.

Somamos Peak is only 24 km away from the Caspian Sea and so is the closest mountaintop to the Caspian Sea.

Geographical Location of Somamos Peak

Somamos Peak is located in the south of Kelachayand and Ramsar, on the border between the northern forests and Ashkur Valley. Somamos Peak is located in the easternmost tip of Gilan province in Rudsar, and Javaher Deh Village in Ramsar, Jennat Rudbar Village, Choorti Village (Sadat Shahr), Javaher Dasht Village (Kelachay), Kakroud Village and Parch Kouh Village (Rahimabad) are located nearby.

Somamos means under the sky. This heavenly mountain is like an island surrounded by forests. These forests have advanced to a height of about 2000 meters and from there on, meadows and greenery take the place of the trees. At the height of 3000 meters and more, there are rocks, stones, ridges and seasonal snowfields, making the climb of the peak even more beautiful and varied.

Near Somamos Peak, there is an Imamzadeh called Agha Somamos, which according to some historians, is the burial place of Yahya Kiayee, one of the princes of Kar-Kiya dynasty in Lahijan.

In the past, Shah Moallem Peak was considered as the highest peak of Gilan province, but with accurate country divisions, Somamos Peak is now considered the highest peak of Gilan.

“Mos” means anything like hill, hence peaks, hills, highlands, etc. are called “mos” or “moz”. Somam is also the name of a village in Amlash, Gilan. In this way, Somamos means peak and the highlands of Somam.

This area has been a pasture since the past, and large flocks still graze on the mountainside. As reffered in the historical documents as the pasture of famous families in Javaher Deh, Ramsar; such as Shellsharif and Sultan Rostam.

The Flora and Fauna of Somamos

The mountainsides have forest cover and the highlands are covered with meadows, mountain flowers, and a special type of creeping cedar.

The fauna of this area include bears, foxes, rabbits, eagles, hawks, etc.

The best season to climb Somamos Peak is summer.

Climbing Routes to Somamos Peak

The northern route from Ramsar – Javaher Deh – Siahkand – Javaher Dasht Pass – Somamos Peak

The eastern route from Jennat Rudbar- Bagh Dasht – Rudbar Kash – Somamos Peak

The southeast route from Ramsar – Javaher Deh – Bagh Dasht – Lapa Sar – Somamos Peak

The northeast route from Ramsar – Javaherdeh – Siahkand – Bagh Dasht – Rudbar Kesh – Samamos peak

The western route from Siahkalrud – Javaher Dasht – Javaher Dasht Pass – Somamos peak

Distance to the Destination in Terms of Time

From Khayyat Mahalleh Village to Javaher Dasht is 2 to 2.5 hours, about 26 kilometers roadway at the edge of the forest and thick moss-covered trees, passing through deep tree-filled side valleys, and it takes about 4 -4.5 hours from Javaher Dasht to the peak by the social trail.

In the middle of the road, there is a teahouse next to a spring which is a good place to stop and rest. Places where vehicle does not pass or a van is needed, from Javaher Dasht Yaylak village to the peak (without rest periods), take about 4 to 4.5 hours of continuous walking at a normal speed.

View from Somamos Peak

From the top of Somamos, Alam-Kuh climaxes and Khashchal peak are visible in the south. Looking down away from the top, it is like you are above the clouds, white clouds cover the entire valley below the peak to the sea and create a very magnificent view in front of you.