Some Tips you must know before traveling to Iran

Some Tips you must know before traveling to Iran.

Some Tips you must know before traveling to Iran

Iran is an amazing destination for foreign tourists. Iran has an amazing civilization and is full of beautiful sights. The warm-hearted people of Iran, its natural scenery, and its historical places will give you a good feeling.

Every foreign tourist wants to visit Iran again after leaving Iran.

Iranian food is very diverse and delicious, and whatever your taste, you will find your favorite food. The behavior of the people will amaze you and you will never forget it.

If you are planning to travel to Iran, you must have information about this country before you travel. Kental Iran Travel intends to introduce you to this information in this article.

  • Is Iran an Arab country?

Considering Iran’s position in the Middle East and the Muslim religion, you might think that Iranians are Arabs. If they are Persian and speak the Persian language. Of course, due to the different ethnicities that exist in Iran, many local languages such as Kurdish, Turkish, and Arabic are also spoken by the people of some cities.

  • What is transportation like in Iran?

Iran has good, reliable, and most importantly cheap public transportation. There are different types of taxis in Iran: Derbast taxis, private taxis, and applications: Tapsi and Snap, which are online taxis. There are metros in big cities.

  • Cash or credit card?

Iran has been under international sanctions for years. Therefore, you should carry your cash when traveling to Iran. And also exchange your money on your arrival in this country.

  • Is it difficult to travel to Iran?

Iran is unrealistically included in the minds of foreigners and many people belief every advertisement they hear in the media about how dangerous or difficult it is to travel there.

Tourists who have had the experience of traveling to Iran say that when they visited Iran, they felt welcomed, fascinated, and humbled. Of course, choosing a professional Iran tour guide will help you to make your trip more comfortable.

  • Is Iran safe to travel to?

Contrary to the negative propaganda of some media, Iran is completely safe for travel. It is better to travel with a good Iran tour guide for the comfort of your trip, but if you travel alone, be sure that your security is fully established.

  • How do people behave with tourists?

Local people know what the media says about them and what many people in the world think about their country and people just want to show that they are good and generous people. They have a warm and friendly demeanor.

  • Customs that must be observed

When you travel somewhere, you want to know everything about the country and its people, including the culture and customs. So it’s important to get to know them before you go so you don’t accidentally offend or disrespect someone. If you want to know more information about Iranian customs, just contact the specialists of Kental Iran Travel. They will guide you in the best way.

  • What are definitions?

Compliments are a common feature of hospitality and probably the most confusing thing for any tourist to wrap their head around.

Basically what happens is that if you make a purchase, the person may refuse to take the money out of politeness. Then you have to insist that they receive the money.

  • Is Iran suitable for backpacking trips?

This country is very suitable for backpacking trips. A type of travel that is done only with a backpack; is called backpacking.

  • When is the best time to travel to Iran?

Iran is a vast country, so at the same time, there may be different weather in different cities.

So, whenever you want, you can choose your favorite city for travel.

  • When is Iran’s busiest holiday?

The first two weeks of the Iranian new year are called Nowruz and it is the Iranian holiday. It is better not to travel to this country at this time because the sightseeing places are usually crowded and you will not have enough time to see comfortably.

  • How much money do I need to travel to Iran?

Traveling to Iran will be one of the cheapest trips for you because the value of the dollar is very high in this country. It is better to carry euros in addition to dollars.

  • Cash or card

International cards do not work in Iran due to the embargo, and foreign cards do not work in ATMs in this country, so you must bring enough cash with you to Iran.

  • Iran visa?

You may think that getting an Iran visa is difficult and impossible, but if you are worried about getting an Iran visa, don’t be afraid anymore. Obtaining an Iran visa will be very easy with the guidance of Kental Iran Travel specialists. To get more information about obtaining an Iran visa, contact our experts.

  • The etiquette of visiting religious places in Iran

To visit holy shrines, like Imam Reza shrine in Mashhad, Hazrat Masoumeh shrine in Qom, etc. women must wear a chador. A tent will be given to women for free when entering religious places and attractions. There is no need to wear a veil in most of the famous touristic mosques of Iran, such as the Shah Mosque in Isfahan or Nasir al-Mulk Mosque in Shiraz.

  • Buy an Iranian SIM card.

It is better to consult your Iran tour guide before traveling and find the most suitable and affordable operator and buy your SIM card in the destination country. Note that most operators require your identification documents, especially your passport to record your information, and to provide a SIM card. Kental Iran Travel guides are ready to answer your questions about purchasing an Iranian SIM card.

  • Buy an internet package.

However, due to high roaming costs, it is still recommended to buy SIM cards and communication packages from local operators. Apart from mobile internet, free fixed internet is available at most airports, restaurants, cafes, and shopping centers.

  • What is Iranian women’s clothing like?

Wearing a headscarf for women is among the laws of this country. Contrary to negative advertisements about Iranian women’s clothes, they wear colorful clothes. This includes shawls and headscarves.

As a result, foreign tourist women do not have to wear black dresses or scarves and shawls. There is no special rule for men except that they should not wear shorts in public places. If you need more information about the dress code in Iran, just contact Kental Iran Travel guides.

  • Iranians do not hate any nationality.

Contrary to the negative propaganda against the people of Iran, they do not hate the people of any country. Sometimes it is said that Iranians hate Americans, but this is not the case, and if you ask them, they say that they have no problem with other nationalities. And their behavior with all of them is respectful.

  • Rial or Toman?

There are two types of currency in Iran. One of them is the official currency of the country, which is the Rial, and the other is the common currency among the people, which is called the Toman, and most of the purchases and sales and the provision of services are done with it. Each toman is equal to ten rials.

  • Being a vegetarian in Iran

Since Iran is famous for its kebabs, restaurants, and cafes may not have a variety of vegetarian dishes. Most Iranians are not vegetarians, but you can still find Iranian dishes that do not use meat, such as Halim bademjan, Mirza Ghasemi, Kookoo Sabzi, and many other dishes.

  • Alcohol

Drinking and carrying alcohol and alcoholic beverages is prohibited in Iran and is subject to legal prosecution.

  • The handshake law in Iran

You can shake hands with anyone who is of the same gender as you want. But shaking hands with the opposite sex, except for special family members, is not common due to Islamic culture and is against etiquette.

  • Install the transport application on your phone.

If you buy an Iranian SIM card, you can install online transport programs on your phone, such as Snap and Tapsi. And use these services very easily. Internet taxis are safe and the cost of the trip is determined in advance and you can easily pay it.

  • There are separate sections for men and women in subways and buses.

In buses and subways, men’s and women’s sections are separated. For example, women sit in the back of the bus and men sit in the front. Or in the subway, these sections are separated and this makes it easier for women who are alone to travel.

  • Prepare yourself for traffic.

Traffic is very common in big cities of Iran, especially in Tehran. So you have to be prepared for it. It is better to go out at times when the traffic is less and use public transportation to reduce this problem. Don’t worry if you travel well with an Iran tour guide. You can ask your tour guide when the streets are quietest.

  • Choose a good Iran tour guide.

Of course, choosing a good Iran tour guide will make your trip easier and more pleasant. Kental Iran Travel is one of the best tourist guide teams in Iran. Kental Travel’s Iranian tour guides are experts in the field of foreign tourism and have the necessary experience and knowledge to guide travelers in Iran. They are fluent in English and Farsi and communicate with you easily. They can help you with everything from getting an Iran visa to choosing a city and a pleasant place to stay and visiting attractive places.

Iran is an incredible country to travel to. Its architecture will amaze you, the friendliness of its people will leave you speechless, and its culture is fascinating. So if you are planning to travel to Iran, don’t delay. Just trust Kental Iran Travel and