Tehran City


Tehran is the most populous city and capital of Iran, and the center of Tehran province. With a population of over 8,693,706, it is the 24th most populous city in the world and the most populous city in West Asia. The metropolis of Tehran is also the second most populous city in the Middle East.

Tehran is a city with a variety of local ethnic groups, but its foreign population is a small fraction. It is known as the largest Persian-speaking city in the world.

The history of life in Tehran dates back to the Neolithic period, and archaeological excavations in Tehran have led to the discovery of 7,000-year-old human skeletons and stone tools. In the early seventh century, with the destruction of the city of Rey and the migration of its people to Tehran, the knowledge of trade, construction and citizenship of Rey inhabitants was transferred to Tehran and led to its development.

This city is one of the most important tourist centers in Iran and has a collection of attractions including its palaces and museums.

Although Tehran is a modern, crowded and bustling metropolis; however, among its tall buildings and the winding highways, there are precious treasures such as the National Museum of Carpet, Iran Jewels Museum and and the dazzling palaces in this city. Alborz, like a mother, has embraced this 250-year-old city with its white-clad skirt. The capital of Iran, known to the world by its symbols i.e. Azadi Tower and Milad Tower, is a large and populous metropolis, combining nature, history, technology and industry all together. There are many tourist attractions in Tehran province.

Cities around Tehran

Kordan, the village of villas

Kordan, which used to be a village and is now a city full of factories and villas with pools, is one of the cities close to Tehran and and one of the travel destinations of the capital’s residents.

Damavand, the city of legendary heroes

Damavand is one of the cities close to Tehran and from the east of Tehran, you can reach “the city of legendary myths”. Taleghan

Among other cities close to Tehran, one can mention the beautiful city of Taleghan.


The city of Oshan, Fasham, Meghun or the city of Rudbar Qasran, better known as Oshun Fasham, is another district of ​​Tehran that is known for its fantastic climate.

Tourist Attractions

Golestan Palace

Golestan Palace is one of the world monuments of Iran in the UNESCO World Heritage List, which is an ideal place for photography and taking extremely beautiful images due to its unique architecture and decorations.

Museum of Ancient Iran

The National Museum of Iran is the oldest, most important, largest and richest museum in Iran.

Saad Abad Palace

If you are interested in visiting historical spaces, Saad Abad historical and cultural complex is one of the most prominent places in the contemporary history of Iran.


Darband was a village before it was part of Tehran and today it is one of the old neighborhoods in the north of the capital.

Tehran hotels

Azadi Hotel, Tehran

The five-star Azadi Hotel is located at the crossroads of the city’s main highways and is in the best condition in terms of access.

Esteghlal Hotel

The hotel was renovated in 2000 and overlooks some of the rooms on the mountain.

Espinas Palace Hotel

This five-star hotel is located in Saadatabad, near the Yadegar Imam Highway. The hotel was opened in 2015 and overlooks some of the rooms on the mountain.

Tehran foods

Among the most famous desserts, foods and dishes of the capital Tehran, are the following foods.

Ashe Reshte

One of the delicious dishes of Tehran is Ashe Reshte. Eating Ashe Reshte in the cold winter season is very pleasant.

Sar Gonjeshki

Sar Gonjeshkin is one of the delicious foods of Tehran city.

Spinach Eshkene


It is one of the most popular foods in Iran. This delicious food with the most diverse recipes can be found in abundance in Tehran restaurants.

Rice and beans

Another famous and popular dish of Tehranians is bean pilaf, which used to be cooked in the green bean season (early summer).