Tehran Province

Tehran Province

Tehran province is located in the center of Iran, with an area of ​​about 12,981 square kilometers in north of the counrty. This province is limited to Mazandaran province from the north, Qom province from the south, Markazi province from the southwest, Alborz province from the west and Semnan province from the east.

 According to the 2016 census, the population of this province was 13,267,637 persons, of which 12,452,230 live in urban areas and 814,698 in rural areas.

Tehran province has 16 cities, including: Tehran, Shahriar, Mallard, Quds and Salehieh. Tehran city is the most populous city in Tehra province.

In different parts of this province natural forests are scattered. On the southern slopes of Alborz, in the heights of Tehran, plant species such as almonds, pistachios, figs and barberry can be seen.

Map of Tehran province (Tehran and its surroundings), all major and minor roads, including freeways, highways, major asphalt roads and important side roads, distance to kilometers as well as small towns of villages can be seen.

Although Tehran is a modern, crowded and bustling metropolis, but among the tall buildings and the winding highways, there are precious treasures such as the National Carpet Museum, National Jewels Gallery and the aristocratic and dazzling palaces. Alborz, as a kind mother, has embraced this 250-year-old city with its white-clad skirt. The capital of Iran, known to the world by its symbols i.e. Azadi Tower and Milad Tower, is a large and populous metropolis, combining nature, history, technology and industry all together. There are many tourist attractions in Tehran province.

Get acquainted with the sights of Tehran:

Before introducing the sights of Tehran, it is necessary to know the city of Tehran. Tehran or, as the elders call it, Tehran is the capital of Iran and the largest city in the country, which is located in the north geographical and south of the Alborz mountain range and has 22 regions and 134 districts. Tehran is a city that brings you closer to the modern face of Iran and at the same time beautifully depicts 250 years of Iranian history. From the stunning beauties of Golestan Palace, Masoudiyeh Mansion, Azadi Tower to the countless museums of this city and sightseeing in Tehran’s Grand Bazaar to modern shopping malls and exciting entertainment, all will create a pleasant and different experience for you.

Why should you travel to Tehran?

There are different reasons for traveling to Tehran because it is the capital and the center of political and administrative weight of the country, so in addition to recreational purposes, various reasons such as using medical facilities and office work, etc. can be a reason for traveling to Tehran.

Food in every city is part of its identity and culture. By tasting and smelling different local foods of Iran, you can imagine being in that region. Tehran is the beautiful and popular capital of Iran, which might seems to have no authentic food. But from the back alleys of old Tehran, you can smell the aroma of unique and old foods of the capital.

Many people of different ethnicities from all over the country have immigrated to Tehran to live, work and study. As a result, we find that in addition to the great cultural diversity, the food diversity in this city is so great that we need hours to talk about all of them.

Among the dishes of Tehran, you can find Sargonjeshki, Vala Ploo, Dempakhtak Baqali and

The original flavors of Tehran food

Tehran cuisine can take you back to past decades. If you are from Tehran, the names of these foods are engraved in the good memories of your childhood. But if you are not familiar with them, we suggest you try these simple and tasty foods.