The best Iran tours in 2023

Iran is a country of four seasons in which you can travel to different places in each season. Despite this, some people prefer to travel in each season to places that are more in harmony with that season. In this way, they will enjoy the desired weather more during their trip.

In this article, we would like to introduce you to some of the must-see places in Iran. The places that are among the best options for Iran tours in summer. Of course, you can visit these cities in other seasons as well; but in this season, you can enjoy more.

So stay with Kental Travel team to know some of the best cities in Iran for traveling in the summer and easily answer this question: Where should we travel in Iran? In addition, you can have wonderful choices for your summer vacation and travel more professionally and completely with the 2023 summer tour.

Travel to Tabriz

Tabriz is one of the best and most beautiful cities in Iran, which has many historical, cultural and natural attractions. This city can be considered among the sightseeing destinations of Iran in summer. For instance, the old neighborhoods of Tabriz are very beautiful and famous and attract everyone. Maralan neighborhood is one of these old neighborhoods that in the past many deer used to come to this place, and therefore they gave it its current name. In this neighborhood, you can also visit places such as the shrine of Nane Maryam, which dates back to the early Qajar era.

The old neighborhood of Baghmisheh, Doveh Chi neighborhood, Sanjaran neighborhood, Raste Kuche Tabriz and Chahar Menar neighborhood are also considered as other old and spectacular neighborhoods. You will visit them in Tabriz Fara Gosht tour. These neighborhoods are full of old mysterious stories that will double the pleasure of your summer travel.

Don’t forget Sarein

The best Iran tours in 2023

Ardabil province has many attractions that attract many people in summer and winter. Despite this, Ardabil is very cold in the winter and you can find a lot of snow there. Therefore, it is better to travel there in the summer if you do not have enough tolerance for the cold of Ardabil. Actually, the best time to travel to Ardabil is from June to December, and of course it can be said that it is the best city to travel in summer.

Sarein is also one of the most famous and important scenic and attractive cities of Ardabil province, and Sarein tour will be the best option to escape from the summer heat. Among the sightseeing places of Ardabil and Sarein, the very beautiful and extraordinary nature in Alvares village and Fandoghlou forest, historical works and monuments, Neo lake and mineral hot springs.

Firouzkooh, Tehran


As you probably know, Firouzkoh often has heavy snowfall and rain in the autumn and winter. Therefore, usually during these seasons, travel restrictions will be applied in it. But instead, Firuzkoh can be a very good choice in the summer. Because this city has a very pleasant weather in summer and can make you enjoy this summer trip. This city has many natural attractions and also benefits from some beautiful historical monuments. Among these historical monuments, old castles, old cemeteries, numerous shrines, etc can be mentioned.

Dena mountain in spring

If you want to have a short-term and low-budget trip to an area with good weather, Kental Travel offers you Dena mountain tour in spring, since this area has green and beautiful hills and of course many springs. Dena is one of the best natural tourist destinations in Iran in terms of flora and fauna.

This area has many natural attractions and due to its good weather in summer, you can enjoy this trip a lot. Gol Dena mountain is located near the city of Sisakht and by traveling to it, you may see different species of animals such as brown bear, mountain goat, partridge, all kinds of skylark and red-billed crow.

Kish, a unique destination for your summer trips

The best Iran tours in 2023

Kish Island is located in the heart of the blue waters of the Persian Gulf and is a symbol of beauty and modernity in Iran. There are many places of interest on this island that you can visit during your Kish tour with Kental Travel. Although, traveling to Kish is often booming in winter; but you should know that Kish is the city of nights. This means that you can rest in the hotel during the day and spend the night exploring and enjoy the nightlife of this island, where both the weather and the conditions for fun are very suitable. Besides, if you travel to Kish in summer, your expenses will be significantly reduced due to cheaper hotels and tickets, and you will experience a cheap tour of Kish.

Among the sights of Kish, you can vsit the famous Greek ship, which is a great sight for photographers, and you can also take unique photos there. Kish’s amusement pier cannot be neglected and is considered a romantic place for night walks.

Do not miss the beautiful Qeshm Island

Another great destination in Iran to travel is Qeshm Island. Its sights are very unique and unique. For instance, Star Valley of Qeshm is a collection of mountains, valleys and rocks that have changed shape over time due to rain and have created very interesting shapes. Probably, you have already seen the beautiful Instagram photos of Kental Travel in this island.

Chahkoh Gorge also has its own fans. This gorge is a collection of mountains and rocks, among which there are many wells. Chahkoh Gorge has a lot of natural beauties that every traveler who booked Qeshm tour with Kental Travel will remember it. Surely, this area is the most eye-catching place that you can see in Iran.

Chabahar: A fantastic option for summer and winter tour

Chabahar has many historical and natural sights that are unique. Among them, miniature mountains, Lipar lagoon, Ban Mesiti caves, Pirouz Ghat castle, Derek village and many other attractions.

Miniature mountains can be considered among the strangest and most special places in Iran. The other name of these mountains is Martian mountains, which is named because of their special structure and shape. These mountains have a special type of sediment due to erosion.

Lipar lagoon is also famous for its pink color and birds such as flamingos, Changar and Kashim, which have increased its beauty. As mentioned, Chabahar Kental Travel Tour has many other attractions, which requires another long article.

Alasht in Mazandaran Province

According to many Iranian people, Mazandaran is one of the best options for traveling in summer. Therefore, we also intend to introduce the Alasht of Mazandaran. This region, whose people speak Alashti language, has a very beautiful nature and there are many waterfalls there.

One of the waterfalls in the region is Naram waterfall, which is located in Cherat village, 35 km southwest of Alasht. If you plan to travel to north of Iran in summer, we recommend that you visit Alasht and enjoy its unique nature and weather.

Lorestan tour

The best Iran tours in 2023

Lorestan is a very beautiful destination with fantastic weather in the summer. This province has many natural and historical monuments that can be suitable for any type of tourism and everyone can enjoy traveling to this province.

The best places to visit during your Lorestan tour are Falak-al-Aflak Castle, Stone Whirlpool, Broken Bridge, Bisheh Waterfall, Qiu Lake, Velvet Mountain and Shirez Valley. All these places have their own beauties. If you haven’t visited these places yet, plan your Lorestan trip as soon as possible.