The Creepy Cemetery of Mouthless People in Iran + Video

Two Mysterious Scary Cemeteries in Iran;

The Creepy Cemetery of Mouthless People in Iran

Two creepy scary cemeteries that have buried many secrets and confidences in themselves.

  1. Yeri Cemetery, Ardabil, pirazmiyan Village

The creppy cemetery of mouthless people in Ardabil which dates back to the Archaemenid Empire. The gravestones are arms crossed people without mouths but there’s a female statue having mouth, there are about 450 graves, the shortest is 9.8ft and the tallest is 26ft.

  1. Sefid Chah or Sepid Cemetery, Sefid Chah Village, Galugah City, Mazandaran

Some say this cemetery with more than a thousand years old is the first Muslim cemetery in Iran. Some say the white soil prevents the dead decompose and makes the sins of the dead be forgiven. In a part of this cemetery, the gravestones are vertical and everyone’s job tools are carved on the stones.