This Village Is the Largest Marijuana Producer in Iran! + Video

This Village Is the Largest Marijuana Producer in Iran!

Ghalat village in Shiraz is a village with a history of several thousand years since the Achaemenid period, and is known as the paradise of Shiraz because of its nice weather.

Entering Shiraz-Sepidan road, after Gouyom, approximately 36 km from Shiraz, you’ll reach the paradise, Ghalat historical village. It has cool climate even in the hot seasons. Ghalat village may be small in size, but since it dates back to the Achaemenid period, it has many tourist attractions, including Missionary Church, which was built between World War I and II, and the water mill of Qezel Arsalan Castle, another historical attraction of the village.

Tall trees, rivers, and waterfalls are among the natural attractions, and there are many restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy your food in a beautiful environment. Besides its beauty, this village has also become reputed due to drugs quality, especially marijuana, and for this reason, it’s called Mini Netherlands.