Top 10 Iran Safari Tours for Nature Lovers

Safari can be explained in simple explanations. The top 10 Iran safari tours for nature lovers include a fantastic journey into the wild nature of Iran. Safari is when you travel to watch wild animals, and the virgin nature of the Earth and have a wonderful time doing that. Kental Iran travel is here to tell you all about Iran safari tours.

You might think safari is exclusive in Africa. But you are very wrong! You can enjoy a safari in Iran‘s stunning golden deserts.

1. Maranjab Desert, Isfahan, Iran

Every nature lover in Iran has visited the Maranjab Desert at least once. It is for sure one of the top 10 Iran safari tours for nature lovers, and you can find both dunes and a sand lake very closely.

This fabulous desert is located in Aran Va Bidgol, Isfahan province, 60 km northeast of Kashan. A very popular destination for both domestic and foreign tourists who are interested in the marvelous nature of Iran. You can find the best desert landscapes in the Maranjab Desert. If you are intrested in safari in Iran, you can get more information about the best deserts of Iran in the related article.

Kental Iran travel offers the best desert safari tours in Iran based on whatever you want and prefer. Iran tour guide, Kental Iran travel, is proud to have the clients’ satisfaction as the priority.

2. Abouzeid Abad Desert, Isfahan, Iran

30 km east of Kashan, Isfahan province, and a part of the Rig desert. This is one of the top 10 Iran safari tours for nature lovers, and the locals call it Bizovi.

Deserts are known for hot and dry weather during the daytime and very cold weather at night. But if you choose the best season and time for your safari journey, you will not be disappointed.

Kental Iran travels, an Iran tour guide benefits from expert safari tour leaders and knowledgeable staff who care about your comfort and satisfaction. We can help you choose the best plan.

3. Mesr Desert, Isfahan, Iran

Surely one of the most beautiful tours you will have on the top 10 Iran safari tours for nature lovers. Mesr Desert is located near Kashan and Isfahan city, and you can never get bored when you are visiting it. This golden ocean is the land of stars at night, and with a little help from your Iran tour guide, you can choose the best time to have a safari tour of the Mesr Desert without any discomfort. Kental Iran travel will help you manage that.

Be careful, traveling to deserts is associated with a lot of danger and risks. So if you want to have a safari trip in deserts of Iran, we suggest you to read guide to deserts of Iran article.

4. Khara Desert, Isfahan, Iran

You can visit the Khara Desert in half a day, very close to Isfahan city (around 1.5 hours), and you can benefit from the villages there. You get to visit Salt Lake as well.

The top 10 Iran safari tours for nature lovers are all unique in their way, and so is the Khara Desert, although it is underrated. You can enjoy the breathtaking landscape and return to Isfahan, 100 km west of the Khara desert.

5. Shahdad Kalout Desert, Kerman, Iran

Shahdad is the name of a city in Kerman province, Iran, 95 km from Kerman city, the capital of Kerman province. The city’s main agricultural product is date fruits, the weather is very hot and dry, and there is a marvelous desert 20 km away from the city. The desert has Kalouts. One of the most incredible geomorphological structures in deserts, and visiting it would make a great memory of the top 10 Iran safari tours for nature lovers.

6. Lut Desert

Located in the southeast of Iran, you can plan the top 10 Iran safari tours for nature lovers in the Lut desert without any problems ahead of you with Kental Iran travel.

This desert is divided into three geographic landforms, the Central Lut is the most astonishing part and the southern part has the most vegetation.

Kaluts are based in the Lut desert, and you can visit fascinating landscapes in the Iran desert safari tours that Kental offers.

7. Bafgh Desert, Yazd, Iran

Yazd province has fabulous deserts as well, and one of the most enjoyable ones is the Bafgh desert, which is not very famous and well-known to tourists. So how did it end up on the top 10 Iran safari tours for nature lovers list?

Bafgh desert is 10 km north of Bafgh city, and it is relatively unknown, which means a more enjoyable time while on the journey, and Kental Iran travel will show you the best packages regarding your preferences.

8. Rig-e Jenn Desert

In the middle of nowhere, with no telephone access and no roads. You are surely thinking about survival documents when somebody is lost and hopeless in the middle of the desert all alone, and they have no idea how to survive. This feeling will get scarier when I tell you what does Rig-e Jenn means. It translates to “the dune of the Jinn”, and if you know what a Jinn is, you might ask why?!

Jinn is a supernatural creature believed in Islamic culture and it is also mentioned in the holy book of the Quran many times. Some of the Jinn are assumed to be evil and dangerous, and some are assumed Muslims, not trying to hurt anyone. Anyhow, this desert was thought to be inhabited by Jinn and evil spirits. Some people still believe that.

Someone can’t travel to this desert by themselves. It is very hard, impossible, and very dangerous, and you need to go there with some experts who know their way.

Kental Iran travel can suggest the top 10 Iran safari tours for nature lovers. Rig-e Jenn is one of them, located in Dasht-e Kavir.

9. Namak Lake Qom

A small part of Iran’s Salt desert, about 100 km east of Qom. Qom is a small city in the north center of Iran. This desert can be one of the top 10 Iran safari tours for nature lovers and has water only in winter.

10. Darak Beach, Village (Chabahar)

Darak village is where seawater and desert sands meet like fantasy and reality, the same excuse that takes you to the heart of southern Iran to start your journey where you can see all that is spectacular may become. From rocky shores and corals, and desert sands with magical and healing properties, to groves high in the mountains.

Safari Tours with Iran Kental Travel

Top 10 Iran safari tours for nature lovers

Our beloved country of Iran is full of natural resources and godly beauties. Iran Kental Travel Tours offers the above mentioned top 10 Iran safari tours for nature lovers. However long, or short your trip, whatever your budget, we are sure we can arrange a holiday for you. Enjoy the unique Iran’s Safari tour with our professional team!