Vakil Bazaar

The Vakil Bazaar of Shiraz is a significant attraction in the city. Its construction began during the Zand dynasty in 1137 AH (Islamic calendar) and took 19 years to complete. The historic Vakil Mosque and Bath are also located next to this bazaar, and it is uncommon for someone to travel to Shiraz without visiting the Vakil Bazaar. The architecture of Vakil Bazaar is inspired by the architecture of Isfahan Bazaar and Qaysariyya Bazaar, which is one of the reasons why tourists are amazed when visiting this ancient market. The architecture of the bazaar is divided into three main sections: the passageway (a place for people and customers to pass through), the shop frontage (this area is two steps higher than the ground level), and the shop space (this refers to the selling area). The Vakil Bazaar of Shiraz sells various Iranian and imported goods, including handmade and machine-made Iranian carpets, fabrics, and traditional jewelry. Located in the city center, the Vakil Bazaar is easily accessible due to its proximity to busy routes.

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