Varzan Waterfall

Varzan Waterfall

Varzan waterfall is located in Talish up-country paradise. In a part of the mountainous areas in Gilan’s beautiful nature, a loud high waterfall with pleasant weather is the selected route of many tourists who intend to spend time in this pristine nature and its exciting environment. Varzan waterfall has created unique moments and countless memories for many nature lovers. It is not possible to go there without having refreshment and rest; it will definitely boost your mood and energy.

Varzan waterfall is one of the most beautiful natural attractions in Gilan province, located near Talish. Subatan summer highland is located at a distance of four kilometers on the northwest of the waterfall. The height of Varzan waterfall is about 100 meters. The upstream springs of Subatan countryside are the source of Lisar river. One of the main branches of Lisar is Varzan river. Varzan river flows through huge rocks and forms Varzan waterfall. This waterfall is fuller in spring than other seasons.

Tools and Equipment Needed to Reach Varzan Waterfall

If you want to reach Varzan waterfall from Subatan road, you should know that this road is very low-traffic and also winding. Before starting the trip, it is better to follow the weather news very seriously and do not enter this road with your own vehicle when it is raining or slippery. If you plan to walk the four-kilometer path from Subatan to Varzan waterfall, since it is a mountain pathway, it is better to bring light hiking equipment with you. Traveling this path on foot is only recommended to fit people.

Recreational and Tourism Facilities Available Around Varzan Waterfall

When you start moving towards the waterfall from Subatan countryside, there is a four-kilometer path to the destination, and there are no restaurants, shops, toilets, or even trash cans along this route. But you will have all the necessary facilities in Subatan. It is better to do your shopping and bring trash bag before you start the trip to avoid polluting the environment.

The Best Season to Visit Varzan Waterfall

Due to the fact that the waterfall is located in a Yaylak at high altitude, naturally the weather is cold most of the year. Thus, summer and spring are more suitable for visiting the waterfall. However, the cold of winter and snowfall can create an eye-catching view around the waterfall, that’s why some tourists and ecotourists choose winter to travel and have fun in this area.

Where Is Varzan Waterfall?

There are a number of access routes to Varzan waterfall:

If you plan to visit Varzan waterfall, it is better to enter Maryan road from the southern part of Talish. The road is straight to Subatan Yaylak. It is four kilometers from Subatan Yaylak to Varzan waterfall. But if you plan to go to this waterfall from Ardabil and Neor Lake, you must first reach Asalem – Khalkhal road and then Talish. From there, you have to enter Maryan road and take direct route to Subatan Yaylak and you will reach Varzan waterfall, four kilometers away from Subatan. Should be mentioned that you can also walk the path from Subatan Yaylak to Varzan waterfall.

Address of Varzan waterfall: Varzan village, 36 km northwest of Talish, Gilan