What Do I Need to Know Before Traveling to Iran?

What Do I Need to Know Before Traveling to Iran?

What Do I Need to Know Before Traveling to Iran?

Traveling is one of the best pleasures and entertainment in human life. The joy of discovering new places and cultures, along with relieving fatigue and gaining energy to continue living, is part of our reasons for experiencing a delightful trip. You may have chosen Iran when deciding to travel. Iran is a country with four seasons with many tourist attractions.

When you want to travel abroad, many useful tips can help you. But along with these recommendations, some requirements cause a lot of trouble if ignored. It can even disrupt your trip and force you to return. But what are these requirements? Stay with Kental Iran Travel to introduce you to everything you need to know before your trip to Iran.

■ Ticket purchase

Nowadays, thanks to ticketing agencies and websites, which are not a few these days, you can find cheap and good tickets. With a simple search on the Internet, you can find various websites and applications for ticketing that offer you different offers to get tickets.

You should remember that the sooner you prepare your travel plan and buy tickets, the better your chances. You have less to pay. Apart from the ticket search sites, sometimes you can find cheaper and better quality tickets by going directly to the official offices of the airlines.

■ residence

Choosing accommodation is another important part of your trip. Choosing a suitable place can reduce a lot of your possible stress while traveling and on the other hand, instead of spending the wrong money, you can spend more money on fun and sightseeing.

The duration of the trip and the usual costs of the destination and the appropriate distance from the sights of the destination city largely determine what type of accommodation you should choose.

What Do I Need to Know Before Traveling to Iran?

There are many and varied websites through which you can access special offers for hotels and hotel apartments and sometimes book your accommodation at a lower price than the usual cost. Kental Iran Travel specialists are ready to provide you with any advice on buying tickets and choosing a comfortable and pleasant place to stay in Iran.

■ Obtain an Iran visa

As you may know, getting an Iran visa is more difficult for some countries, for example, for countries like England, where diplomatic relations with Iran are murky and somewhat low, you may find that you can’t even get an Iran visa in your country because There is no Iranian embassy, and a British trip to Iran means a bit more work.

However, getting an Iran visa is not difficult or impossible. It is enough to contact the experts of Kental Iran Travel to get an Iran visa faster and easier. They will guide you in the best way.

■ Necessary supplies for traveling to Iran

It is always good to be careful when packing for a trip because most of the time we make mistakes in choosing the clothes and accessories that we think we need and we take things for the trip that we may not need and just We add weight to our luggage, and sometimes, in addition to the difficulty of transporting extra goods, we may have to pay an additional fee to the airline to transport them.

Therefore, if you are planning to travel to Iran, choose your clothes and shoes according to the city you are going to and the places of interest you are going to visit. If something is missed, there is no need to worry because it can be purchased in Iran at a reasonable price.

The best time to travel to Iran

■ The best time to travel

Iran is a country of four seasons, which means that you can experience different climates at the same time in every city of this country. So, considering the different climates of the country, when is the best time to go to Iran? Some desert and hot cities of Iran like Kerman and Mashhad are suitable for travel in winter, and some cold cities of Iran like Tabriz and Kurdistan are suitable for travel in spring and summer.

■ Women’s clothing in Iran

Ladies must wear a headscarf the entire time they are in Iran (except when in your hotel room) and also wear appropriate clothing that covers their bodies. But you don’t have to wear a veil or anything that hides you completely, so don’t worry about that.

When you enter Iran, you will soon see that the reality is far from the stereotype. Iranian women are extremely stylish and care about their appearance and dress according to the latest fashion.

Public transportation in Iran

When traveling in Iran, you have several options for public transportation such as the subway, buses, various types of taxis, intercity trains, and domestic flights. Iran has good, reliable, and cheap transportation. However, you should be careful not to choose any taxi to ride and use certain taxis. You can also install internet taxi apps like Snap and Tapsi which are trusted.

Metro is available in several Iranian cities including Tehran, Mashhad, Isfahan, and Tabriz. Metro is the best option for traveling in Tehran, and the stations are also easily accessible by taxi and bus.

■ Credit cards in Iran

Unfortunately, you cannot use your credit card in Iran because there is no network for using international cards in Iran. So the best option is to carry enough cash to convert to Rials in Iran.

Of course, today the Iranian government has offered a service to provide better services to tourists, and it is called Mah Kart. As with most travel cards, you can instantly add funds to your card per month in the currency of your choice and convert it to Iranian Rials. It’s more convenient than carrying cash, protects you from unauthorized purchases, and is accepted nationwide.

■ Traditional foods and fast food in Iran

Traditional Iranian food is available, but you have to do a bit of searching to find it. You can try delicious traditional vegetable stews, kebabs, or different kinds of soups in traditional and local restaurants.

Other than that, you will find that the streets of Iran are full of fast food shops like burgers and pizzas. Try and look for falafel places, as these places are usually the best choice for a cheap and tasty meal.

Vegetarians may struggle in Iran because often, whether at a large buffet, a tea house, or a local restaurant, what appeared to be a vegetarian option still had meat in it. However, with a little more searching, you can also find vegetarian restaurants and shops.

An Iran tour guide is the best choice

What Do I Need to Know Before Traveling to Iran?

One of the most important reasons that encourage different people to travel with travel tours is its good benefits. When you travel alone, all travel responsibilities are your responsibility. On your own, you have to figure out your accommodation or find your food during the journey. In the meantime, even people who travel alone or so-called solo travel sometimes come to tours.

Among the benefits of traveling with Iran tour guides are finding a friend and traveling companion on the tour, finding the best places and destinations on the tour, and safe travel. One of the best Iran tour guides is Kental Iran Travel.

This team is made up of experienced and knowledgeable professionals who accompany tourists and guide them at all stages of their journey. Kental Iran Travel specialists are experienced in helping tourists to find the right city for their trip and the type of service they want to receive.

With the help of Kental Iran Travel tour guides, tourists can be sure that they will receive the best services during their trip. So if you are planning to travel to Iran, do not delay and contact us.