What Is a Pilgrimage Visa?

What Is a Pilgrimage Visa?

Pilgrimage visa is for people who intend to enter a country in order to visit pilgrimage sites. Pilgrimage visa is common in countries like Iran and Iraq, and it is one of the most popular visas for foreigners, especially during pilgrimage periods. This type of visa is mainly issued to those who intend to visit religious and pilgrimage sites, or to participate in special rituals in Saudi Arabia and Iran. This type of visa is usually issued quickly and at a low cost. The best example of this visa is the Hajj visa of Saudi Arabia. Iranian pilgrimage visa is usually used in Muslim countries such as Iran and Iraq. Applicants for this type of Iranian visa are generally Muslims from Iraq, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey, UAE and Azerbaijan. These travelers have to go through the same steps as the Iran tourist visa to get Iran’s pilgrimage visa. One of the requirements for obtaining an Iranian pilgrimage visa is the complete statement of the itinerary. If people intend to travel to Iran individually, they should act according to the regulations of Iran. The travelers must leave Iran at the specified time, and if he/she has entered Iran with a tour, he/she must adhere to the principles and regulations of Iran according to the obligations of the tour.

What Are the Conditions for Obtaining a Pilgrimage Visa?

In order to obtain a pilgrimage visa and according to the laws of the desired country, the applicant sends a request for pilgrimage visa to the embassy of the country in the period suitable for pilgrimage. Pilgrimage visas are issued individually, in groups, and special visas such as the Samah plan visa, which is for Arba’een walk in Iraq. The validity of the pilgrimage visa is usually up to 60 days, and the applicant can stay in the country for up to 30 days.

What are the Rules for Obtaining a Pilgrimage Visa?

Considering that the purpose of applying for a pilgrimage visa to enter the desired country has been determined in advance, the applicant goes to the embassy of the desired country with passport and sends the visa request. If the applicant intends to enter a country in the form of a pilgrimage group, the representative of the group can go to the embassy and there is no need for the applicant to go in person.

Required Documents and Forms to Obtain Iran Pilgrimage Visa:

The documents required to obtain Iran pilgrimage visa are:

Colored image of the pilgrim’s passport

National card photo of the inviter (both sides)

Scan of 4×6 photo

Iran pilgrimage visa invitation form

Pilgrim information form for Iranian pilgrimage visa

In addition to the above documents, the pilgrim may be interviewed at the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for any reason and they may ask for more documents.

Obtaining a Pilgrimage Visa to Iran

It is usually easy to get a pilgrimage visa, although it is easier than other types of visas and this is a relative issue. If you plan to travel to Iran from other countries to visit holy places, you should go for an Iran pilgrimage visa. Pilgrimage visa is necessary to visit all pilgrimage places in Iran and there are no exceptions. You don’t need an invitation to get this visa, but its presence is useful and it makes the process faster. This type of visa is short-term.

You should note that the time of applying for a pilgrimage visa, because the laws related to its issuance can change in some seasons of the year, which must be noted in order not to prevent any problem in the process and be succeed in obtaining this type of visa.