Where to Go in Tehran with Kids to Have Fun?

Where to Go in Tehran with Kids to Have Fun? + Video (PT. 2)

As in the previous episode, we’re going to visit places where if we go with kids, they’ll have fun as well as the adults. So watch this video until the end.

  1. Book Garden

Once entering Book Garden, God knows when you’ll come out. Book Garden is a place where both adults and children will fall in love with. In addition to buying books and stationery, there are various entertainments, such Fekrbazia Land and Robokids, which are very attractive for children.

  1. Nations’ Doll Museum, No.2, Fiat Alley, First of N Saadi St, Darvazeh Dolat

If you want to go to the land of dolls, don’t miss Nations’ Doll Museum. On the first floor of this museum, you’ll get to know the dolls of different nations, such as Chinese, Arabic, etc. And on the second floor, there are all kinds of dolls of different Iranian tribes, and altogether, you can see 540 dolls from 53 different countries in this museum.

  1. Roya Park, End of Mouze St, After Ajudaniye, Darabad St, Niavaran Sq

If you want to take cool pictures with kids and have a good time, visit Roya Park. Roya Park has cool decors, mostly using visual errors.

  1. Eram Park Zoo, Kilometer 4 of Tehran-Karaj Freeway, End of Shahid Bakeri Expressway

There are few people who don’t know Eram Park. Eram Park is one of the coolest parks in Tehran, having amusement park, lake, and most importantly, the biggest zoo in Tehran.

5.    Bilino Amusement Park, Nahj al-Balagha Park, Punak

If you asked your child what do you wanna do in future, and she/he said civil engineering, take her hand and quickly take her to Bilino amusement park, she’d love it for sure. This amusement park is the first construction park for children, who can use small safe excavator and crane and make their dreams come true.