Why Is Chabahar Must Visit? + Video

Why Is Chabahar Must-Visit? + Video

From Darak to Chabahar forest, today we are going to have a beautiful trip to a wonderful land with various attractions. Stay with us.

Chabahar is the most equipped and advanced ocean port of the country, located in the south of Sistan and Baluchestan. This economically important port is also one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Iran in recent years. This port is located on the shores of Makran Sea and Indian Ocean. This city is the only ocean port in Iran, having two well-equipped wharves with a capacity of 5.8 million tons of goods per year, where ocean liners can dock. Currently, more than 60% of the basic goods of the country are imported from this port, and it is the only port in Iran that is exempt from any sanctions.

During Qajar period in 1853, Ibrahim Khan Behzadi Bami was elected to govern Bampur, and during her reign, the then Iranian government captured Baluchistan. In 1864, Ibrahim Khan captured the seemingly impregnable fortress of Irafshan and thus expanded the power of the central government to the vicinity of Kuhak, Chabahar, and Gavater. In 1872, Chabahar was captured by the Arabs of Muscat. The British, especially Goldsmid, who was appointed to arbitrate the border between Iran and Kalat region under British influence, also supported the claim of the Arabs of Muscat on Chabahar. To prevent such threats, the Iranian government took action and Ibrahim Khan captured Chabahar in 1872 to expand his power.

In February 1928, the last government of Baluchistan fell. With the removal of Dost Mohammad Khan – the last ruler of Baluchestan –  from Baluchistan’s political equations, the power of the central government was fully established in this area, including in Chabahar.

In 1973, the comprehensive plan for launching Chabahar port started and contracts were signed with contractors in this regard. After the Islamic Revolution, the operation of the port was resumed after a break of several years, and it was practically put into operation in 1983. Although, the completion of this project continued for several years. Today, Chabahar is not only an important economic hub, but also an attractive tourist destination, known for Darak village, Pink Lake and oceanic coasts.

Getting to Know More About Chabahar

If you want to know more about Chabahar, read this article:

  1. Go to Darak (Hell)

Have you heard they say go to hell (Darak), unaware that Darak beach is one of the most amazing places in Chabahar, where the desert meets the sea. Just this beautiful. Don’t miss going to to hell (Darak).

  1. Baris Wharf

What makes Baris port so spectacular are the fishing boats and launches returning from the sea or going to the sea, and the seagulls flying above the boats create a dreamy scene.

  1. Bandar-e Tang

Bandar-e Tang is located after Kahirvillage and is one of the most pristine beautiful attractions in Sistan and Baluchistan, where the desert reaches the sea. Gelafshan (mud volcano) mountain is also near Bandar-e Tang. The mud of this mountain has therapeutic properties for skin.

  1. Lipar Pink Lake

Lipar pink lake is located on the road from Chabahar to Gvatar, which is the habitat of many birds, such as flamingos, see-see partridge and eagles. By the way, the pink color is due to a lot of organic and mineral substances and planktons.

  1. Chabahar Mangrove Forest

Mangrove trees can surprisingly purify water and turn salty water into fresh water. Plus, mangrove trees go under water when its high water and only their crowns are visible. That is why the mangrove forest is known as a mysterious forest.