Yazd Art House

Yazd Art House

Yazd is the first adobe city in the world and it is in the center of Iran, which has many tourist attractions and constantly asks us to watch the desert and the history. Every year, many domestic and foreign tourists travel to Yazd to see the adobe monuments, so that by seeing the adobe buildings and the desert atmosphere they can satisfy their ancient souls and take the glory and antiquity of Iran’s history with them.

Yazd Art House is located in historic Fahaadaan neighborhood, close to some other attraction in Yazd such as Alexander’s Prison and Lariha House Museum, and four generations of Malekzadeh family lived in this house. In addition to visiting this historical building, you can experience various activities including drinking traditional herbal teas at the Art House (Khaneh Honar) cafe, buying handicrafts from Khaneh Honar handicraft store, and seeing the historic district of Yazd from the roof known as Yazd roof; another sight of its. This monument was registered as one of Iran’s national monuments under the name of Mahdi Malekzadeh’s House on January 17, 2001 under registration number 2950.

Spectacular Collection of Yazd Art House

For about 2 years, a small part of Malekzadeh mansion has been working as a tourism and art complex (Yazd Art House). In this collection, in addition to visiting a historical house, you can walk in its beautiful gallery and enjoy seeing the exquisite paintings of Yazdi artists. You can also shop from a pottery workshop and an organic handmade handicraft store. The current owners of this art cafe are a young and affectionate couple who welcome guests with open arms.

A Beautiful Souvenir from Qajar

The building of Yazd Art House is left from Qajar era and is considered one of the valuable historical monuments of Iran. This building, after renovation and restoration, is used as a cultural-tourist place.

This beautiful house has two floors; each floor is dedicated to a certain thing. On the first floor of Yazd Art Cafe, you can see a beautiful and diverse collection of valuable handicrafts of Yazd. This floor is especially suitable for traditionalists or those who intend to take the eye-catching art of Yazd with them as a souvenir.

The top floor of the building, which is actually the roof of the house, is where Art Cafe is located. A beautiful, pleasant, quiet cafe with an attractive and old look. Upon entering the cafe, the cob walls stand out, which give the cafe a different and traditional look. Short tables and brown Polish chairs, together with the sound of traditional music will give you an incredible relaxation that will make the Yazd Art House a lovely place for you.

In the menu, there are light and attractive dishes such as red lentil soup, Aush Sholi and Kashke Bademjan, which have many fans cause of their delicious and unique taste.

Tips You need to Know to Visit Yazd Art House

If you travel to Yazd, be sure to visit the Art House.

To support the art of Yazdi artists and the prosperity of traditional businesses, be sure to get a souvenir of Yazdi handicrafts shops.

If you go to this beautiful house with your children, give them the necessary reminders to carefully preserve and maintain this Qajar relic.

Herbal teas and the food of this cafe are very famous and it is suggested to definitely try them.

Around the house, there are many lodges and hotels that you can choose as your accommodation.

Photographing the traditional district of Yazd and its beautiful houses from the roof is very special and beautiful.

Yazd Art House Address

Yazd Art House is located next to the historic Abul Maali bath, Imam Khomeini Street, Fahaadaan neighborhood.