Yazd Province

Yazd Province

Over the years, Yazd city has seen different governments. This diversity has left many historical relics of different periods for the city. If you are interested in historical tourism, Yazd is definitely one of your best choices.


Yazd is an old city with a lasting culture, nicknamed as the city of windmills because of its tall amazing windmills. This historical city has registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2016 due to its valuable architecture and historical traditional area. The ministers of Yazd have been one of the most important development factors of this city in the past years, who ruled Yazd for 140 years.

Yazd means pure and holy and it is also referred as the city of god and the holy land.

Yazd Tourist Attractions

Yazd has numerous diverse tourist attractions due to its strong cultural and historical background, as well as the presence of Zoroastrians. Yazd is the city of abundant markets. This number of various markets in the city attracts those who are interested. In addition to economic boom, these markets are a perfect representative of the culture and tradition of local people and their various handicrafts. There are also old water cisterns like “Rostam Giv” and “6 Badgiri” located in Yazd city. ” Dowlat Abad”, “Chahar Khan” and “Khan” gardens are among the most spectacular sights in Yazd. The location of this city in the central deserts of Iran has strengthened tourism in the field of desert hiking and desert tourism in recent years and has its own fans.

The holy places of Zoroastrians and Jews, old citadels and towers and ramparts, domes and tombs of famous historical figures, ancient houses, historical schools and Mazari complex, are all among the many attractions of this city. You can visit your favorite places by planning your trip to Yazd.

Yazd Shopping Malls

Although Yazd is considered a traditional city, it also has modern shopping centers. Among Yazd shopping malls, Aria, Shaghayegh, Almas, Aladdin, Shahab and Setare shopping malls can be mentioned which offer all kinds of common goods in commercial complexes. Kuwaitiha Mall and Yazd Khan Bazaar, as their names suggest, are traditional markets.

Yazd Souvenirs

Yazd has various famous sweets. During your trip to Yazd, you can visit famous reliable confectioneries all over Yazd and enjoy the variety of their sweets. Qottab is one of the most famous sweets in Yazd, which you must have heard of it. This small sugar ball with cardamom flavor is the most popular sweet in Yazd. Yazdi cake, almond loz, pussy willow loz, coconut loz, rosette cookie, Yazdi baklava, Yazdi cotton candy, Ardakan Halva Ardeh, Sohan Khani and Haji Badam sweets are other souvenirs of Yazd.

Yazd Weather

Yazd province is located in the central mountain range of Iran, between many lowlands and high altitudes in the desert. These roughnesses include foothills, plains, desert areas, and sand dunes; although Shir Kuh heights covered with snow and ice of are very effective in the survival of Yazd and other cities of this province.

Yazd has dry climate for two main reasons. The first reason for being located on the global drylands and the second reason is being away from seas, lakes and sea breeze. The heights in the province moderates the climate of this region a little.

Despite Shir Kuh mountainous area, the rest of the province has dry climate. The climate of Yazd is dry and semi-arid. Winters are cold and relatively humid, and summers are hot, long, and dry. Another characteristic of desert region is cold winter nights. The people of Yazd seek refuge in the heights to escape from the excruciating summer heat.

Considering the climate and weather of the city, spring and autumn can be the best seasons to travel to Yazd.