The capital City of Iran

As the capital city, Tehran is the first choice for foreign tourists. Tehran city has many sights and entertainment places

The Capital of Iran!

Tehran, the capital of Iran, is the largest and most populous city in Iran. A city that has been chosen as the capital for more than 200 years and most of the important administrative, economic and political decisions are made in it. Tehran, with an area of ​​730 square kilometers, is the beating heart of Iran and is one of the top five tourist destinations in Iran. It is in the list of the largest and most populated cities in the world; Valiasr Street, the longest street in the Middle East, is located in this city. In the following, we will examine the different aspects of this lovely city

Things to Do in Tehran City

Visiting Tehran museums and historical places

Touring and visiting museums may be fun and entertainment for many people, as well as visiting historical and religious places. Fortunately, there are many museums and historical opportunities in the city of Tehran with a variety of topics, which are considered to be one of Tehran’s must-see places.

Tehran Medical tourism

Since the capital of Iran is equipped with many first-class and specialized hospitals and medical training centers, it can be considered one of the major health tourism centers in Iran and the region.

Enjoying natural ski resorts

Due to the mountainous area around Tehran, the ski resorts around it are covered with snow during most of the winter days. Of course, recreation in Tehran’s ski slopes is not limited to this sport, and many people go to these places to enjoy a snowy day.

Get a taste of Tehran Food

travel through the flavors of Iran ! Food is nourishment, but also a savory gateway to a culture, its people and heritage. Join us on a delicious adventure where every dish tells a story and every bite reveals a deeper connection to the heart and soul of a country.

Wildlife activity

Tehran has always been one of the destinations of hunting tourists due to its variety of animal species, and it is said that half of the hunting permits are always issued to foreign tourists.

Shopping and entertainment

visiting capital’s shopping centers, such as luxury and modern shopping centers, traditional bazaars and cheap shopping centers.The city is full of entertainment attractions that you can visit and enjoy every day.parks and gardens. Cinemas, amusement parks, water parks, health roads

Tehran Foods & Restaurants

Nakaya Asian Cuisine

Nakaya is one of the Japanese restaurants in the capital. If you are interested in high-quality seafood and Asian cuisine prepared using proper techniques, Nakaya Restaurant can be one of your best experiences. Many Tehran residents who love sushi and seafood choose...Read More >


Shandiz Restaurant

Shandiz Jordan Restaurant is a beautiful restaurant with a fantastic atmosphere and decor. It is located on Jordan Street in Tehran. This restaurant is among the best, offering a variety of kebabs, lamb shanks, and neck meat with unique flavors. Shandiz Jordan is an...Read More >


Nayeb Restaurant

Nayeb Restaurant is one of the oldest Chelo-kebab restaurants in tehran, dating back about 150 years. Since then, multiple branches of Nayeb have been established, each varying in management, quality, menu, price, and interior decoration. One of the branches is...Read More >


Swiss Restaurant

Swiss French Restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in Tehran, located on Somayeh Street. This restaurant was among the first to have a French chef in the 1950s and 1960s, and French designers also designed its decor. The restaurant has a classic and luxurious...Read More >


Moslem Restaurant

"Moslem Restaurant" is one of the most famous restaurants in Tehran. Maslum has only one branch, located in the Grand Bazaar of Tehran, so if you're looking to enjoy a delicious meal after walking around the market, don't miss out on Maslum's delicious food. Moslem...Read More >


Tehran Popular destination

Tehran Grand Bazaar The Grand Bazaar of Tehran is a well-known site in the capital city and is of significant economic, historical, and cultural importance. It is one of Iran's largest markets. When you visit Tehran...

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Bamland Shopping Mall Bam Land Tehran commercial and recreational complex is one of the capital's hundreds of attractions; its nearness to Chitgar Lake has made it a dual-purpose destination. Visitors can enjoy...

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Tajrish Traditional Bazaar Tajrish Bazaar is one of the ancient and traditional markets in Tehran, which has become one of the city's most important tourist destinations. This covered bazaar is located north of Tehran and in...

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Iran Mall Iran Mall is one of the country's major commercial centers in tehran, offering numerous shops and a variety of recreational and welfare facilities, such as an enjoyment park, a cinema complex, a...

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Palladium Mall Palladium is one of the most famous and modern shopping centers in Tehran. Located in the Zafaranieh neighborhood, it offers a wide variety of shops, and its attractive and beautiful architecture...

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Espinas Palace Hotel The Espinas Palace Hotel, a five-star hotel located west of Tehran, is one of the most luxurious hotels in Iran. Due to its very attractive architecture, this name is considered a suitable choice...

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Wisteria Hotel The Wisteria Hotel, a five-star hotel located in the northern and highest part of Tehran, is among the most modern and luxurious hotels built in Iran. Its advantages include easy access to tourist...

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Parsian Azadi Hotel The Parsian Azadi Hotel, according to many travel and hotel fans, is one of the best hotels in Tehran. For many years, this hotel has been hosting travelers and guests of the capital and sending...

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Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel The Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel in Tehran, the largest five-star hotel in Iran, is built on a 70,000 square meter area in northern Tehran. Located in one of the best parts of Tehran, this...

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Homa Tehran Hotel Homa Hotel Homa Hotel Tehran, One Of The Best Five-Star Hotels In Tehran, Is Located In The Pleasant Climate Area Of Vanak And Was Opened In 1973. This 16-Story Tower Has 177 Modern Rooms And...

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Review & Tips of Tehran City


What is the capital city of Iran?

Tehran is the capital city of Iran.

What is the climate like in Tehran?

Tehran experiences a semi-arid climate with hot summers and cold winters. Summer temperatures can exceed 35°C (95°F), while winter temperatures can drop below freezing, especially in the city's northern parts

What are some popular tourist attractions in Tehran?

Golestan Palace: A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this historic palace complex showcases Persian architecture and art. Milad Tower: One of the tallest allest towers in the world, offering panoramic views of the city
National Museum of Iran: Houses artifacts dating back to ancient Persia
Azadi Tower: An iconic symbol of Tehran, representing modernity and heritage
Grand Bazaar: A bustling market offering a variety of goods, from spices to carpets

What languages are spoken in Tehran?

The primary language spoken in Tehran is Persian (Farsi). However, many people in Tehran, especially the younger generation, also understand and speak some English.

What is the currency used in Tehran?

The currency used in Tehran is the Iranian Rial (IRR).

Is Tehran safe for tourists?

Tehran is generally safe for tourists, but like any major city, it is advisable to stay aware of your surroundings and take standard precautions to ensure personal safety.

How can one get around in Tehran?

Tehran has an extensive public transportation system, including buses, metro, and taxis. The Tehran Metro is particularly efficient and covers many parts of the city.

What are some traditional dishes to try in Tehran?

Chelo Kebab: Grilled meat served with rice. Fesenjan: A stew made with pomegranate paste and walnuts. Ghormeh Sabzi: A herb stew with kidney beans kidney beans and lamb.
Tahdig: Crispy rice that forms at the bottom of the pot.